One of the artworks which gives Lingua-U its most beautiful expression is the Integral Nonagon (or just plain Nonagon), an update of the old Enneagram design to synergize with the underlying numerological and phonosemantics-aware worldview of the unitive metalanguage. Like the Enneagram, the Nonagon is a 9-pointed and 9-sided figure with each point corresponding to one major number with a description and additional auxiliary descriptions.

The Nonagon uses the term “ArcheStation” to describe the following: each of the numbers 1-9; each of 9 descriptions for the numbers; and each of three sub-descriptions pointing to the beginning, middle, and end of the area (called minor archetypes). For the time between December 22 and January 31, the Month of the Black Stone, the corresponding number is 1 and the major ArcheStation is The Presencer. The Presencer encompasses three minor stations: The Balancer, The Perfectionist, and The Idealist.

Since I have previously talked about this sort of artwork, let’s jump right into the question: Who is the ArcheStation of The Presencer? Quite simply, The Presencer is a spiritual identity formed at the intersection of ArcheStation “1”; mythic archetypes such as the Boxer, Ballerina, Perfectionist, Inner Guru, Powerful/Powerless, Visionary, Victor/Victim, and Idealist; and the various AQAL stations linked to the Infrared and Magenta altitudes (i.e., symbiotic and magical consciousness). The Lingua-U symbol is yang-yang (⚌).

It is possible to talk about The Presencer as a personality type (like an Enneagram 1), someone who is BY THE BOOK, OBSESSIVE, PERFECTIONISTIC, and IDEALISTIC. These are perfectly valid ways of talking about how The Presencer may show up as an individual’s identity. However, notice that there is an underlying method to these characteristics: the method of being a force of reconciling balance between ideals and practicalities; the method of being a pivot between two extreme polarities; the method of being the vibration that brings together evolution and involution. Without The Presencer showing up, no one shows up.

In short, it’s the job of The Presencer to situate all that arises within all worlds in their proper place simply by being alive and doing what The Presencer does. This function can be difficult for people to understand because it seems so simple and yet it is enormously powerful. The Presencer doesn’t get its way by the function that it serves, by the deeds it does, by its senses or ethics, by what it contains or constraints, or by what challenges it undertakes; it doesn’t exist for others, it is self-contained in a sense. This self-containing nature is pre-egoic, pre-ethical, pre-religious (or trans-egoic, trans-ethical, or trans-religious, depending on how/when it arises in time). It is untrained and yet coherent consciousness, not centered in an individual but in the biological self, the brain itself, the body itself, and in the structures of personhood and its primary function of vying to exist and evolve.

Not the guru, but the inner knower that has no need of enlightenment because it is already fully one with the rhythms and pulses of nature.

Not the musician or artist or aesthete, but the Man of Ideas or the Woman of Vision or Perfectionistic Person. The idea or drive is not separate from the person but their driving essence, a raw force that includes both nature and spirit in harmony. Even violence — nature’s divine game of predator and prey — is included as part of the Ways of Spirit, not separate from human ideals. That’s the reason that Presencer can be associated with the archetypes of the Bully, the Bitch, the Boxer, the Bouncer, and the Predator (or Prey). With every Victor, there is a Victim; The Presencer is ideally not exclusively identified with any one part of these dichotomies but sees the whole, unbroken.

Some other ArcheStations such as The Transcender and The Evolutionary are keenly aware of the need for transforming what is Real, but that is not necessarily so the Presencer. As the Balancer (⚌⚊), the the Presencer appears drawn to counter-weight that which is out-of-kilter in Reality. He or she does so not by arguing the position of the devil’s advocate, but by embodying the force itself that is in need for the composition of wholeness. Gautama Buddha is an example of a Balancer, one whose own enlightenment could serve the whole universe.

As The Perfectionist (⚌⚋), the Presencer appears to correct all the flaws with Reality by identifying them in self and other along with the forces that can fix what is broken. The act of finding and blaming flaws of nature is “spiritually incorrect” these days, but without this vital process there is no insight for transformation. A Priest or Priestess is an example of a Perfectionist, endeavoring to achieve through ritual and performance the deeds essential for shifting subtle currents of energy.

As The Idealist or Victor/Victim (⚌?), the Presencer is keenly aware of how there are winners and losers, predators and prey, oppressors and victims, in Reality. The Presencer identifies with ideals in order to restore balance and correct flaws. The ideals function to lift the downtrodden or take down the high and mighty and give voice to the voiceless. The Prophet is one example of The Idealist, concerned with social justice and the divine order. Another example is the Voodoo Priest, one who uses the power of pure ideas (symbolized through magical objects) in order to effectuate transformation in like objects. Whether or not one “believes in” magic is irrelevant; as Hegel observed, ideals have a reality of their own and are indivisible from the Real, as one of its orders.

The Animwaa of the New Zodiac are attracted to The Presencer. First comes The Bear awakening from hibernation; then The Bat, hanging upside-down in the nether regions; then The Penguin, making a home at the southern pole under extreme conditions; then The Platypus, the most complete of animals; and finally, The Vulture, the eater of the dead.

There you have it. This has been a short discussion of The Presencer (⚌) and its role in the Integral Nonagon. Through prophecy and priestly functions, through ideas and brute force, it achieves what no other ArcheStation can do: initiate the Wheel of Dharma; establish a Buddhic bulwark to integrate humanity and nature; stand as a fire-worshipping boxer in the ring of fire; and stand in for humanity as a whole (as did Abraham, originally) as the base receiver of God’s wisdom. Like a Ballerina in her dance, The Presencer uses bodily vitality, precise footwork, perfectionistic movement, and beautiful choreography to enact a vision of ideals larger than itself and yet seemingly paradoxically complete within itself.

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