Ed. Note: The Integral Meusio was floated in the summer of 2018 as an opportunity for Integralists to claim a “meta-religion” of their own, using Lingua-U as a common metalanguage. Although it did not immediately receive sufficient community support for liftoff, there remains of value the writings which introduced the concept. Someday there may be a good reason to take them off the back-burner of our consciousness and bask in their heat. Often things such as this take time.

The Integral Meusio (myʊsio or myusio), also known as The Meusio of Integralism or simply as The Meusio, is an independent religious body emerging from roots in old Catholicism, semi-Gnostic influences, “Integral Spirituality”, Kabbalah, and Integral Islam. Our organization is one of the first in a new Tradition of Integralism and, we hope, the hub for new meusio to spring up throughout the world wherever there are Jews, Christians, Muslims, and sincere spiritual seekers open to the unique gifts of our community.

Founded on September 4, 2018 CE as a group inspired by the simplicity of the house church movement, The Integral Meusio will soon meet each weekend in small gatherings in Seattle as well as through online programs. Muktahin Joseph Perez, an ordained Integral Minister and the holder of a Graduate Certificate in Integral Leadership, is Founder of The Meusio, Grand Muktahin (Head of Orders), and Director of Education. He is an Honors graduate in The Comparative Study of Religion and Philosophy at Harvard University.

Our Integralism is a synthesis of wisdom and revelation from the West, the East, and indigenous spirituality. It is also an Abrahamic faith with a living prophet, the Grand Muktahin, who is receiving divine assistance to create a unitive metalanguage for coalescing esoteric wisdom scattered among the Sacred Words of the Great Traditions and hundreds of secular languages. Ultimately, over the course of many years to come, the Grand Muktahin of Integralism and his successors will work towards the formation of a universal expression of faith that will bring together all the Children of Yahweh (a.k.a. ??? in Lingua-U) who have been divided and set into conflict with each other in the after-heritage of Babel.

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