Part 1. Vocation

Reaching intolerable suffering in the Veldt and simultaneously in
the dungeons of the Castle of Wands, the spirit of Kalen breaks

“Let the day perish which brought forth my birth!
Job spoke true when he was with pain reeling,
for in the land of Uz there is no worth!
Desperate, trapped am I! Here am I, kneeling!
I spin in a whirl of conflicted breeze,
out of ernst into terrified fearing!”
I shout: “Whoever you are, help me please!
You, God which my own understanding finds!
Wild boar, pinned without floor, O what it sees!
To the Earth’s horizon does the sky bind
but with wings of flying things do I sweep!
I wish not to be loft like shifts of minds
soaring over decisions of substance
which finds my logic most hurly burly!
God, show yourself, if you have balls to dance!
I thank you for waking me so early.
Talk, or I will take a more forceful stance!
Eh, you won’t talk! To sleep I go, surely.”

Master Yang: Tongues of fiery speech inflame the city. Response: Job’s complaint to God.

Part II. Vortex
The spirit of Kalen leaves the desert of Kara Kum and nears Ashgabat in Turkmenistan, its name meaning “city of devotion.”

A powerful voice came out of a whirlwind:
“Who is this that muddles meaning by words
yet without my light that one who is blind?
Have not the dignity of worms but birds!
So I am questioning you, dare answer!
Have you witnessed firing neurons split worlds?
Have you seen that cosmos free of cancer?
For it is real as this! Did you rehearse
on that Earth where the mountains are dancers?
Where were you when uncoiled your universe?
Tell me now if you have crossed over boundaries
of the thin clouds wrapping your multiverse?
Who was there when I turned on the Foundries
which mark the spot of the number zero
and every fraction’s remainder carries?
Who was there when I established macro
which made rows and columns in all ledgers
and distinguished every schema’s micro?
Who was there when I engaged the edgers
who put shrubbery between number bases
and employed all the labyrinth’s hedgers?
Can you say you have seen through the spaces
in the ocean between the galaxies,
that sea of foam with eleven faces?
Can you say you have known all families’
deoxyribonucleic bubbles
and walked every street in the world’s cities?
Surely you know, certainly your troubles
concern the ancient and subtle angels
not yet witnessed by your tiny Hubbell’s?
Have you passed through the devil’s nine channels
with riddles more cunning than Cairo’s sphinx?
Massive thunderous shaking farewells
await those whose follies break logic’s links!
Your every nightmare could be real and raw,
your fortune cursed by Pi’s abysmal jinx!
You’d feel a neutron star’s inner plasma
where your perception is also its cause
and flesh is liquefied to miasma!
Hear! Awful end now threatens an abyss
of hope on every sea and every land!
Not just a recess, permanent dismiss!
Not just Mauritius, not just Oman,
in not just your day, not your century,
all Kosmic dimensions, manned and unmanned!
Are you ready all atoms to bury,
not just in your world but heavens also?
Ancient spirits are sinking in worry!
They are angry and sad, above and below,
set for war in this existence askew!
The odds are long to wager you must know
for your grandmother’s grandmother’s rescue!
So listen now, the dark storm comes closer!
Don’t you think I have other things to do?
Hear me now, those in body or ether:
This task I leave you, entrusted not dropped!
Say, ‘Thus far shall darkness come no farther!
Here shall the Death of Everything be stopped!’”

Master Yang: He reaches for the clouds drifting overhead, only to fall from heaven.

Response: God’s response to Job. To reach for divinity is to take on responsibilities beyond one’s limited reckoning.

Reprinted from The Black Stone.

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