Oct. 10 | 7:16 PM | 2403 CE

A Warrior at a Numinous Fountain

§8.2.9: Violet Heart 10 AM: 𝍆𝌅

Although strong, he carried weakness utterly,
His spirit refusing to acknowledge its conscious energy.
He stood as a warrior who would fall like rain onto the land.

Model: Referent:
Lingua-U uʃaa, aʊðu, wi’aa, wo’u, wj
The Atlas 55° N Lat (North Sea), 47.5° W Long
Nonagon Type 8w7: The Watcher
AQAL The Unified (Int. / Ext.) Zones of Balanced Types at the Individual Subjective Quadrant of the Ultraviolet Altitude

§8.3.1: Violet Heart 10 PM: 𝍇⚌

He bathed in the numinous fountain in a garden of delight,
Light rippled terribly through his cells
Until the Word and the Will vanquished the night.

Model: Referent:
Lingua-U uʒeɪ, aʊdaɪ, wu’eɪ, wæ’aɪ, wm
The Atlas 55.25° N Lat, 47° W Long (Wulff Land, Greenland)
Nonagon Type 8w7: The Watcher
AQAL The Exterior Zone of Agentic Types at the Individual Quadrants of the Ultraviolet Altitude

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