When spirituality is based on an “Integral” spirit, it opens the door wide for expanding human potential for rich inner development, cultural progress, artistic creativity, and spiritual renewal. In fact, you might have an “Integral” spiritual sensibility or tendency without even knowing it. Here are the Top 10 signs to look for that will tell you if your worldview might already be on the way to becoming “Integral”:

10You don’t find yourself easily offended by slights to your ego, subculture, or group identification; therefore “political correctness” has little appeal to you.

At the same time, you intuitively tend to avoid causing others unnecessary pain through your words or deeds. You don’t try to silence or shout down those who disagree with you. Compassion towards the disadvantaged and marginalized is your priority, not remaining comfortable in your preconceptions about being right. You look for signs of agreement with others and try to mediate or negotiate solutions whenever possible.

You understand that freedom of expression is an important value for universities to teach, but colleges ought also be cauldrons of pushing the envelope forward in terms of what is possible for social justice; accordingly, these interests must be balanced through both/and solutions, not either/or thinking.

You realize that there are more ways to work for justice than complaining that people are being insensitive. You also realize that there are many levels of justice that look different depending on your station in life, and ultimately all human efforts at justice will fall short of our ideals.