I don’t know you, but I suspect that you probably have a very busy life, full of activity and every sort of human dignity, just like me. We are quite possibly a lot alike, and I bet our differences are interesting as well. Are you at all like me?

Think about it. Maybe yes, maybe no.

We might find ourselves engrossed in sublime philosophical conversation at a Starbucks, if your enjoyments are similar to my own. Or we could find ourselves bored or dismayed with each other, but let’s hope for the best and assume at least for rhetorical purposes that we like each other.

Liking each other is a good start if we’re going to have a platonic love affair. And when I say platonic, I mean intimate and cordial… but also like Plato’s conversation partners. Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of Socrates and Hermogenes at least once in a blue moon and explore together new holistic possibilities for being human, making sense of suffering, and doing our darndest to practice our Dharma.

When we’re not talking about virtue and the good life, let us support each other in finding and living out our life’s true vocation each with the other. Did I mention that for the past decade I have listened to hundreds of Seattleites from many different professions and walks of life talk about their careers and how to make their lives better? So I’m open to listening to your frustrations in between conversations about saving the world from doom and preparing the world for the next quantum leap forward.

And now, since it’s my blog and this is one of my first posts, let me tell you what really makes me tick. Caveat: I only promise to be up to 90% clear and direct with you. I’m shy, and I don’t know you that well yet! I won’t tell you everything right away, but I will step out of a walk-in closet with you.

I call myself a Worldview Artist because the title of World Teacher which I once tentatively grasped in the past eludes me. About a year ago, I even started a blog like this one but called World Teacher (kept it going for two weeks). I started it because I am passionately bringing a vision of global significance; I took it down because I just couldn’t get myself across in a way that felt real and productive.

I’m a man who felt early in his life that I was meant for a special mission in life, one that I would have to discover for myself. Sometimes I understood this truth in ways that would sound to you narcissistic, delusional, or grandiose. Enough said (it’s a long, complex subject). And to this day, it feels in many respects that I have amassed a life story with its own spiritual distinctiveness and have even developed certain methodologies and theoretical artifacts no one else created.

Spiritually unique: that’s one way of looking at my coldest secret. To discover the deepest and highest reaches of my own divinity, for many years I went in pursuit of a worldview that could make sense of the widest, most comprehensive number of perspectives possible, consistent with human health and well-being.

And I found far more and much less than I bargained for. My greatest accomplishment in life may very well be to have painted an Artwork of this worldview cleansed with soap borrowed from glimpses in/as the Una-Mind. It’s a Big Picture worldview that I can share with others from any station of life, any religion, any philosophy, and any personality type… as you will see, if you return for more.

What I say about my proportion of Una-Mind is also true about your proportion of Una-Mind, because the yung of Yunəmaɪnd (Supermind) which unites the yang of Aatmən (True Self) with the yin of Aajnə (Third Eye) is not two. That’s how I make sense of it. Language may interfere with us agreeing on the exact words, but part of your mind already experiences or sees something like this truth already, wouldn’t you agree?

Thank you for coming along on my journey of getting more real, more whole, in a world that doesn’t make it easy. As they say in Arabic, Əs-Saaləm-mu-aa-leɪ-kum (Peace be with you.)

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    • Your story resonates with me more than I can explain! Thank you for sharing this intro – I can’t wait to read more!
      Infinite love and gratitude from a fellow Worldview Artist ❤

  1. Hi Joseph,

    I’m feeling excited to read your new book, and more here on this blog too.

    I can’t think of a secret to share at the moment, unless it’s about being a special kind of ordinaryness. 🙂

  2. I hesitate to write but such a rare opportunity to be the first. I am three years out from Seattle and almost 25 years out from the busyness of 49. Exploring the edge of poverty partnering with Guidance in a drafty old house looking out to Clinch mountain. On a very different threshold in my life while still quietly connecting with Unamind insisting on incarnation in each lived daily step. Scrap to compost. Application for assistance. Squirrels chasing in the tiny wood outside my office window. This is simply to let you know there is at least one on a very different perch who is listening today. Who is reflecting and who is touched by the colors of a brother’s view which enhances and completes my own. Breathing.

  3. I can see we share a common love of the nuances of vocabulary. Looking forward to following your journey as the reality of physical and spiritual are revealed to share the same space. Your past experiences are similar to mine. Interesting.

  4. I do know you. I have followed you for seven years. It has been a bit of a wander. And it has been a wonder.

    I have a secret that I will share. At the age of fifty, I had a health crisis that resulted in my initiation as a crone. Fifty is too young to receive the crone, yet I was initiated. I took a crone name, Wisdom Wanderer. It reflects my love of exploring different worldviews.

    Now that I know your secret, I am having an aha moment. I wanderer after you in search of that worldview!


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