As The Polisher reaches the end of her sojourn, she has shaken loose much dirt and debris. Soap and suds have scrubbed the surfaces and skin until they were smooth and silky. Pores were opened and water penetrated into the inner layers of the epidermis. And yet… emptiness remains elusive. The spiritual work is not yet finished.

A Shower must rain down over the entire being before the next station of consciousness can arrive. It is not just any cleansing ritual to the Integralist proceeding along the way of the second-tier! It should represent, symbolically, the arrival of the yin of Shower at Systemic-Mind (Green/Teal) taking up into itself the yang of Power from Protective-Mind (Beige/Purple/Red). By performing this ritual consciously, one can prepare one’s self for the final exit from Green (departing The Week of the Shark) and entry into Teal (at the Week of the Eastern Heart Clam).

How are Power (?⚏) and Shower (?⚏) connected in The Kalendar? Their hexagrams are comprised of three elements apiece (in the Nine Elements): Space or Air at top, Ocean in the middle, and Earth underneath. The image is one of the oceanic force of Power/Shower in the central position – at the heart and core identity – standing with feet firmly planted on the Earth. Above, the darkness of night (Space) and the lightness of day (Air). When the Space and Air combine in this way, the yang and yin or the night-dark and sun-light are joined, creating an image of wholeness.

Pan’s Springtime Shower Moonlight Dance (Eryc Taylor)
The spirituality of the Shower is a sort of marriage. Perhaps it is the marriage of Pan – “god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature of mountain wilds, rustic music and impromptus, and companion of the nymphs” – from Greek mythology as the yang force and the Shambhala Warrior – an ideal of moral and physical courage devoted to empathy and education as the force for making an enlightened world. The Warrior is wilded and sexual but not turned villainous; the Satyr is given discipline and the spirit of equanimity.

The element of Ocean is central to the Shower. It brings the spiritual and healing properties of Water for cleansing the body, soma, and aura. The negative ions of the water may reduce our stress and impart a feeling of bliss and vital energy. Water may also represent your unconscious mind – the Shadow (?⚌) – becoming soothed and smoothed, and open to guidance from the conscious mind.

Water’s magnetic properties indicate that it can hold energy. Traditionally this has been known as the belief that water can be blessed and made into a holy substance, effectively becoming a vehicle for our intentions and prayers. Many healings have been documented to appear at natural hot springs and waterfalls and soapy lakes.

So now use the Water of the Shower from the place of the ArcheStation of the Polisher to remove the grime and stains that have covered your body and soul. Let the prayers and blessings of your higher power carry away negative feelings and emotions and rejuvenate you with energy vibrating at a higher frequency.

The work of the Shambhala Warrior can be exhausting, so let the day’s stresses or night’s worries swirl down the drain. Access your higher intuitive mind and allow the yang-yang of the Shadow (?⚌) to be emptied into the fullness of the yin-yin of Shower (?⚏). Maintain a state of awareness and stay Present / Prayerful (??) so you may be ready for Shunyataa / Nothingness (??).

Sing a little in the shower. Presence is the yang to the yin of Shunyataa.

Listen to the inner wisdom of Prajñāpāramitā – “the Perfection of (Transcendent) Wisdom” – and know that you are Wise and Perfect. Or ask for the support and blessings of the Great Mother who can aid you in your training in the path of the Sacred Warrior. Ask yourself if you are not, now, no longer a Polisher, but actually an Educator?

Finally, consider leaving the shower a little earlier than you would like to. Do not turn the ecstasy of the Shower into an idol. The air will be cold and the floor will be hard. Remember the suffering of all sentient beings who do not have clean water to drink or bathe in and strengthen your devotion to working to bring about a more enlightened world.

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