Astrology isn’t something you “believe in”. It’s a magical (art/science) discipline that is created by intuitives based on their perceptions of the subtle-archetypal energetic-Logos relationships of the Kosmos, the Earth​, and the human imagination. Not all astrologers are intuitives; some are followers of their traditions and readers of their publications who accept their output, sometimes seriously and sometimes with a grain of salt.

Some astrologers are limited by tradition to focus on 7 animals, 3 persons and 1 set of twins, and a set of measuring cups (these are the Aries-Pisces Zodiac intuitives and their followers). I don’t have much to say about that zodiac that I haven’t already put in my book The Kalendar Series​ (Integral Publishers, 2016), the fantasy story about a human hero who battles the Old Zodiac alongside the semi-immortal Animwaa, slaying the sea-goat demon Capricorn at the Midheaven at the Battle of Red Cliffs.

The published (and significantly unpublished) story tells why the New Zodiac was necessary and how it fought a terrible War of the Zodiacs in the early middle ages. The Aries-Pisces won that particular battle, but the ultimate fate of astrology remained in limbo.

For a few years, I have been in the process of intuiting a new chapter in the astrological practice. It’s coming along slowly. You can look at 54 Animwaa (candidates for inclusion in the New Zodiac) at my website in the section on Alchemical Art. Over the next few years, I will be selecting the final 45 signs of the Bear-Yak Zodiac. Hint: Bear and Yak make the cut.

Do you “believe in” the Aries-Pisces zodiac? If so, do you think there might be room for improvement, or are you fixated like a religious fundamentalist on the absolute supremacy of the 7 animals, 3 persons and 1 set of twins, and scales? Not to ask a leading question or anything.

What animals and archetypes do you think should be included in the New Zodiac? What do you think of the 54 candidates so far? Do you want “Cat” to appear?

The New Zodiac is part of the forthcoming multi-volume Lingua-U Series. This special series of books and multimedia offerings will begin to appear in 2020. Prototypes of some of the content are available on

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