Soulfully Gay is one of the first memoirs in the tradition of Integral Spirituality, a look at the world from the eyes of a gay man struggling with meaning and values, and a suspenseful story of self-realization in the midst of many challenges. It is a chronology which unfolds amid 14 months in the life of a gay man wrestling with fundamental issues of meaning and self-acceptance, a time in which he remembers forgotten memories which threaten his sense of identity and in which he discovers the Integral philosophy which promises to mend the fragments of his life. As Joe’s journey unfolds, his consciousness expands and his inner conflicts are healed, and his chronicle stands as lasting record of the changes he undergoes. The culmination of his striving is the development of a theory of Homophilia or “gayness” which brings a new theological vision to bear in the discourse around the spiritual significance of same-sex love. (352 pages)

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