Writing Coaching Services

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Integrative Conversations for Your Spiritual Path, Personal Growth, or Writing Success

Have you ever wondered if something was missing or unfulfilled in your life, despite your best efforts?

Do you find yourself not fully present and engaged with work?

Do you feel yourself lacking in direction or clarity in spiritual matters?

Do you ever encounter a mental or emotional blockage when trying to write about yourself?

Most of us have, from time to time. But you don’t have to struggle with these sorts of feelings by yourself. The problem may be that you have become disconnected with the innate wisdom of your higher self, that magnificent seat of divine consciousness within.

Words are part of the picture, perhaps as obstacles in your way, or as tools for revealing surprising new options to restore your passion and sense of connection to what’s real. But to tap the power of words, you will have to change your relationship to your own story and the vibrational energy of the linguistic elements in which it is constituted.

If you are ready to tap into the sacred power of words in a new way, then consider working with me as your integrative conversation partner and writing coach. Together we can help you to find your authentic voice and unmask dragons hiding in moribund or phony language.

By finding new ways of expressing your self through a process that I call Whole Writing™, perhaps you can write your Self alive as you exist as a luminous principle of the universe, or hear the voice of God as God’s living Word is spoken through your own speech.

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Coaching Services in Whole Writing™

The Whole Writing™ process is simple. We begin with an information gathering questionnaire and a 50-minute meeting by phone or Skype, and I will create a customized practice designed to be optimal for your particular psychological type and personal spiritual orientation. I will provide you with detailed instructions for specific directed exercises for writing in a modified “stream of consciousness” aimed to elicit the outcome you want to achieve, and you will complete the exercises for a period of time. Sometimes the exercises will include structured meditations on a yantra, a religious symbol of wholeness from your own tradition, or a classic divination text or tool such as the Tarot.

And then, acting as your trusted integrative conversation partner, I will read the Writes that you share with me and we will learn from what you said, what you meant, and what you didn’t mean to say that came across unintentionally. When examined carefully, our words may not only disclose our unconscious processes, but point in the intimate directions that Spirit is moving through us to lead us into greater peace and love.

Most Whole Writing™ processes, called Writes, are short (less than 30 minutes, including warm-up and cool-down processes). However, writers with an interest in using this approach to erase their “writer’s block” can produce drafts of entire autobiographies or other books in a similar fashion.

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Is Whole Writing™ For You?

Whole Writing™ is not a replacement for psychotherapy, counseling, or behavioral coaching. It is a hybrid Integral Practice (IP) which combines proprioceptive insight, contemplative state training in the subtle realm, and focused self-awareness for individuals who are motivated to achieve their desired goals. In other words, it’s embodied, verbal, and practical.

You can learn the basic technique in only a few sessions and gradually grow in mastery to facilitate yourself into reading your own Writes skillfully. Although the practice is an individual one, groups may share the Whole Writing™ learning process and even practice reading and giving feedback on one another’s Writes.

If you are at all interested in exploring and powerfully wielding subtle states of consciousness through Whole Writing™, contact us for more information. Your words will thank you.