Black Stone 20 PM

The Beatitudes of Kalen from his sermon in the hills of Lazica:

Blessed is the peasant: for theirs is the penchant and zeal to repent, bringing purity.

Blessed are the poor: for theirs is the hope for and opening to more without requiring money.

Blessed are the purposeful: for theirs is the peace of virtue’s and vulnerability’s teachings.

Blessed is poverty: for it is the possibility of virtue’s and vulnerability’s teachings.

Blessed is paucity: for it is the positivity of the siddha.

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall make aches into putty, turning small blessings into kingly endings through curbing.

Blessed is the partial: for it knows purity through showing the heart.

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they know perfection of humanity.


In reply to a question from the crowd, Kalen said, “All this is known plainly by listening gently to the words already on your own lips.” Pressed further, he added, “Some insight comes from listening with educated innocence, and some comes from understanding a word’s placement in the Kalendar. The secret meanings require study of the Daarma.”

Reprinted from The Kalendar Series: Book One, The Black Stone.

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