One of the terrific things about having decent maps of the territory of post-conventional adult development is that if you have a good idea of where you’re at, you’ll also be able to look ahead to what may be coming next for you, if you continue to grow in generally predictable ways. Unfortunately, nobody seems to give guidance for exactly how to get to the next level.

That’s understandable for several reasons. Firstly, there’s no way to generalize about these things in a manner that will apply to everyone. Secondly, there’s still a fair amount of disagreement among theorists and researchers regarding both the structure and content of the various levels along a variety of major lines (values, ego-maturity, self, cognitive, etc.), so that it takes a lot of work to get people from divergent orientations to be nearly on the same page. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, nobody really understands perfectly and exactly how growth happens.

In short, it’s easy to describe Point A and Point B, and then go virtually silent when it comes to navigating between them. Such silence may be not only prudent, but also wise. Too much theoretical knowledge about development can be an impediment to living life in its uniqueness, unpredictability, spontaneity, and messiness. One’s impulse to grow could even be detrimental if it stems from untimely change to or “spiritual bypassing” of the difficulties at one’s present level of being.

That said, imagine that you are driving your hybrid electric/gas car towards the far-off destination of your choosing, and you’ve made a pitstop. While you are refueling or charging your battery or attending to your bodily needs, we happen to meet and strike up a conversation.

That’s when you find out that I have developed an artistic model of consciousness that charts the map from Teal to Turquoise in painstaking detail (albeit not in the form of the usual descriptions you have read before – the ones steeped in empirical psychological research and analysis).

“It’s called The Kalendar,” I say. “And you’ve arrived at this spot near to White Horse 1, the one and only Day in which Teal transitions to Turquoise according to this particular vision of worldview artistry.”

You shrug and then say, “I don’t know anything about White Horse 1, but that date looks like June 2 on my calendar. What use is this new calendar of yours?”

I say, “It tells you the signs. When you see these signs, you will know you are at the transition between Teal and Turquoise. How exactly those signs will manifest in your life, I can’t say.”

If you’ve been away from spirituality awhile in order to pursue more empirically-driven knowledge, like astrophysics or the philosophy of the human sciences, then you may be ready for something new. Beck and Cowan say in Spiral Dynamics that someone in the Exiting Phase of YELLOW may see that their “spirituality creeps back in”.

The Kalendar suggests something a little different may actually be going on, so listen and see if you resonate with its vision. What is happening is actually that one feels drawn to Spirituality in a yin-yin form as opposed to a yin-yang form. Spirituality was the Yin Master at the Seat of Basis and Science was the Yin Master at the Seat of Interiority of the Letter of Self-Sensing at the Month of the Golden Egg: that is, one’s entire organizing life-force since the beginning of the Green altitude/Second-Tier threshhold has been driven by the conflict between science and spirit in your interiors and Zaahir-basis (i.e., manifest divinity). These were initially reconciled by the Yin Master at the Seat of Goodness at the Letter of Self-Sensing: Evolution.

Now that you have seen the signs that Teal is nearly over and done with, all of that probably seems like a distant memory to you. You have found yourself increasingly identified with Eros – the creative principle, the imperative to evolve in all dimensions of your being – so now there is no more “umph” in the conflict between science and spirit. It’s boring to you. There’s not much left for you to reckon with. Eros is the Yin Master at the Seat of Actualization at the Letter of Enfolding – at the final Throne of the Teal altitude (a.k.a. early Integral consciousness), from the standpoint of The Kalendar – so now you are more fully vital and operationalized than you’ve ever been … but you probably don’t find much attraction to spirituality as you have known it heretofore.

But you’re called by a force that you can neither see nor reckon. Let’s call that force G___. (I’ll fill in the blank at this article’s end.) As the Month of the Golden Egg draws to a close, it finds itself, like a frog, ready for a giant leap into the unknown. It is rising up and centering. And as it approaches a new center, it faces (literally) a Gate (?⚌) which is also an Abyss (?⚌). It’s the start of the Month of the White Horse.

What do we know about the Gate blocking the way from Teal to Turquoise? What do we know about the Abyss that is step zero at the Gate?

We know that the Gate (or Gabriel) is the yin to the yang of Safety (or Satan). And we know that the Above is the yin to the yang of Spirit (or Spiral) … in an odd sense, we are literally above and central relative to the Spiral now. The Spiral has been climbed until it revealed itself as Eros, and then instead of another rung it showed you a Gate.

In the Wheel of Spirit artwork inspired by indigenous philosophy, the Abyss (Turquoise entry) is depicted as the “falling within the circle” from a path that had previously been traced on the perimeter from South (S) to North by East (NbE). In fact, the entire Turquoise altitude (corresponding to Construct-Aware and Ego-Aware in some models of human development) unfolds within the circle’s center, eventually departing at the Letter of Extra-Sensing to the X-Mind (Indigo or para-mind).

The lessons at the beginning of Systemic-Mind are being repeated in a sense, but shifted 120 degrees (i.e., yin to yang in a triad). In terms of Abrahamic symbolism, Satan (a force of regression and sadism) is gone, and now the Archangel Gabriel (who I call The Angel of Great Range) appears. We know that Gate and Abyss are identical in subtle energetic expression, according to Lingua-U, to six marks; following the sixth mark, Abyss is yin-yin (⚏), an image of the Element of Earth, and Gate is yung-yang (?), an image of the Element of Galaxy.

The Teal/Turquoise transition is a calling out of Systemic-Mind into the Global-Mind. Hold on to this thought.

It is a calling from Zh, the Letter of Enfolding, to G, the Letter of Integration (you thought you were already “integrated”? the Letter of Integration hasn’t even begun…). What you have “enfolded” is now revealed to be primarily the sojourn of getting your individual self to be healthier and well-balanced so that it can move on to other priorities. Turquoise is a calling out of a narcissistic groove of self-perfecting and into something initially abasing. You may even have moments where you think of your old ways as abomination or merely a game you were playing with yourself, lacking in reality. This is ordinary.

In the Klock, it is 10:38 AM, and as the clock ticks you are drawn like a magnet towards noontime, the symbol of Yin-Yin-Yin-Yin-Yin-Yin (?⚏) — receptivity to Occurrence (?⚏) as such, and radical Acceptance (?⚏) of All-That-Is. You’re not there yet, but you find yourself opening to a less self-directed pose.

In the Atlas of Uvoha, you have been on a journey from the Oracle at Delphi through North Africa and the Middle East and East Asia and Australia. Now you find yourself at Adak, Alaska or the Island of Fiji. The Pacific Ocean bounded by Antarctica and Alaska and rare scattered isles is your Earthly home for the foreseeable future. The color is Turquoise, after all.

Whereas before you sought Safety, now you must pass through the Gate which is the Yang Master at the Seat of Basis at the Throne of Appreciating. The Gate is the entrance to the ArcheStation of the Observer, but it is also in a position oblivious to what comes beyond. Paradoxically and perhaps cruelly, in its initial phase, the Observer is blind. It requires courage and determination to pass, especially considering that step zero (the Gate itself) is entrance into an Abyss.

The Abyss represents the seemingly wide-open and formless nature of the early Construct-Aware stage of ego-maturity. It is a place where anything seemingly could happen, and anything seemingly could be true, depending on how the ever-shifting structures of awareness is constructed. Even the mental operating systems and fantastic visions of possible futures of vision-logic (The ArcheStation of The Visionary) may seem illusory or abated now. Fully-formed constructs and cross-paradigmatic thinking and concepts of consciousness itself are not yet realized; the game now and for some time will be about “appreciating and appraising” and “getting it” and “guessing” and “grounding it” and perhaps in perceiving “gunas” (subtle energy in a ternary pattern). 

If you were acquainted with evolutionary spirituality before this point in time, the philosophy itself may seem too dry and devoid of groundedness. Evolutionary theory as you first encountered it was sticky, but now you want something downright gooey and grimy and gross, not merely sticky but actually glued. You’re not (yet) seeking community; you may be seeking someone who knows more than you, perhaps a God or Gospel or Guru — something with a grip and gravitas. You may ask yourself, how is my work grounded?

When you get to the Abyss (or Abasement) (?⚌) at Turquoise, you have found the yin to the yang of Safety (?⚌) — notice how the symbols differ only at the second degree, the Mark of Element. And when you get to the Abundance (?⚎) (or Above) at Turquoise, you have found the yin to the yang of Spirit (?⚎), another Elemental change. The Abundance is the yin to the yang of the Abyss. Once you find the Abyss at the Seat of Basis, then Abundance is the next step. It is associated with Gain, Up-leveling, Appreciation, Goods, Guile, and Getting.

You may find yourself asking, “How is any rational person supposed to take a leap into an Abyss?”

The Kalendar suggests an answer that a big part of you definitely doesn’t want to hear. As you are standing at Golden Egg 41, the last Day of the Month of the Golden Egg, you are about to repeat an iterating pattern that has structured your experience once before. It is the gulf between The Black Stone and The Red Jewel — in Spiral Dynamics terminology, the Exit from Red (egocentric C-P) to Blue (absolutistic D-Q). What got you through before was Faith (?⚌) or acceptance of Fate (?⚌). Now you need an up-leveled response that is yin to the yang of Faith / Fate and the yung of The Way [Tao] in its yang form as Waving / Waiting (?⚌).

And something else … something very important and frightening looms: the specter of Upholding (??) or Apocalypse (??). Because these are the two key energies that are both yung to the yang of the Gift of Life (?⚍) and the yin of Gaia (?⚏) herself, the Seat of Interiority at the Letter of Integration is deeply aware of the possibility for a planet-wide catastrophe and the possible end of civilization itself. This interior apprehension forms the essential inner pose of the Global-Mind (Turquoise), much as psychology, science, and symbols formed the essential inner pose of the Systemic-Mind (Green/Teal).

So to recap, as the Global-Mind gets underway at the Throne of Appreciating, Abundance is the yang to the yin of Gaia herself (the G___ that I referred to earlier.) The Abyss (or Gate) is the formlessness at the deepest root of early Global-Mind; Gaia (or Upside) is the hidden form of early Global-Mind’s interiority itself. Since the beginning of the Second Tier, interiority has gone from scissoring/scientific/psychological/symbolic at early Green to shipping/chicanery (artful subterfuge)/shimmering at late Green to enfolding/enclosure/enactment at Teal to giving/giga-sizing (making giant)/upholding at early Turquoise.

On the other side of the Abyss, you must be ready to take on Gaia-consciousness and assume a Governance role over the entire Globe. You, yes YOU. The Letter of Integration, the yang of Global-Mind, early Turquoise, has come not to make you personally happier or wiser, but to demand that you throw yourself into service of the Globe’s needs at its time of crisis.

Indeed, in early Global-Mind you are drawn to greater and greater forms of Integration until finally arriving at the Seat of Consciousness at the Letter of Integration, where you must grapple with the Gunas (energies) and gross realities of God, Goddess, Gospel, and Gurus. If you are successful in the Glaazbə (musicality) of these endeavors, you will find your own self-sense “grokking” a “grounded grandiosity”, a new individual impulse as a Guardian of the Globe.

In the artwork of the Nonagon, you’ve left behind the ArcheStation 4 of The Evolutionary now … in its place is ArcheStation 5, a node higher and more central The Integralist.

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  2. […] People at any station of life can give assent with no knowledge of Integral Philosophy. But if you’re an Integralist, you may very well find it to be a difficult koan. If you’ve been stuck at a Teal altitude (pre-Construct-Aware) for decades, maybe you should try making the Profession as a profound act of Construct-Awareness and Construct-Aliveness. You could try to navigate the Abyss of Construct-Aware consciousness without a mooring, but why when there’s a way “Past the Gate”? […]

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