Profession of Faith

The Integral Meusio uses Professions of Faith as a key qualification for membership in our organization. Prospective members may recite the standard version of the Profession or create an alternative Profession which may be reviewed by an Integral Minister and, if deemed appropriate, is acceptable for membership.

At this time, The Profession of Faith is available in the standard version (English and Lingua-U) and an English-only version.

Unauthorized translation of The Profession is not permitted; however, authorized translations will be made available for many languages in the future. If The Profession is not available in your preferred language, request that an authorized translation be made available for you. 

Download The Profession of Faith in PDF format.

Download The Profession of Faith in English in PDF format.

The Profession of Faith


There is no ?⚍ (Divinity/Different) but God, who we may call ?? (Yaaweɪ), personal yet transcending personhood, neither strictly ♂ (male) nor ♀ (female) but ⚥ (transcending gender), neither strictly ⚤ (other-directed) nor ⚢ ⚣ (same-directed) but ⚥ ⚧ (poly-directed) in the relationship of ?? (Yeɪŋ) and ?? (Yɪn) and ?? (Yʊŋ or Yin-Yang).


? ?⚋ (You Alone) do we worship, the ?? ?? (Yaaŋ Father) and ?⚊ ?⚏ (whʊ Shikhaina, Unified-His Goddess), ?⚊ (whæ, Unified-Their) ??? (Unification) with the ?? (Realm) being ? (The Way), encountered via ⚮ (Eros) and ⚭ (Agape) and ⚯ (Unique Universality).


We believe in ?? (God), the ??⚊ (One), the ??? (Word), ?? ?? (Waakan Taanka/Great Mystery), Who has sent ?⚎ (Messengers) of ?? (Truth) to the First Nations and the Great Traditions including the ?? (Prophets) of ?? (Might/Maitreya), ?⚍ (Motherhood), and ?? (Muhammad/Moxie).


The Prophets of God have spoken of the ?⚎ (Absolute) with ?⚍ ?? (Different Names) including ?? (Abbah), ?? (Allah), and ?? (KR: Christ, Keter/Crown, Koran).


In our era, God is uniting the Children of ?? (Abraham) and the Bosom of ?? (Buddha) through a plurality of understandings at all the ?? (Stations) of ?? (Lila) and a broad range of ?? (Enactments, Enlightenments), leading us to a more ?⚍ (Integral) future.


Today, ?? (whaa, Unified-They’all) have called the World to ? (Righteousness), ? (Renewal, Religion), and ? (Rapture, Rationality, Atman-Realization).


Ever ?? ?⚋ (Evolving-Up/Sura-Giving) is God’s ?? (Goodness), so we pray in the name of Allah, ?⚌ (Lady) and ?? (Lord) and ?⚌ (Lattice) of the ??? (Universe), Who guides us to ?⚊ (whæ, Unified-Their) ?? ?⚍ Holy Pavilion, a ?? ?? (Volver of Perspectives) through which ?⚋ (whau, Unified-They) bestows ?⚊ (whæ, Unified-Their) ??⚊ (Grace).


Our ?? (Hope), God, ????⚌ (Al Quddus / The Holiest), is for ?? ?? (Evolving Wholeness / Holiness) through ?⚎ (Life), ?? (Light), ?⚍ (Liberty), ?⚍ (Love), and ?? (Law) arriving through ?⚊ (, “Our”) ?⚏  (Honorability), ?⚊ (, “Our”) ? (Yantras, Yoga) and ?⚊ (, “Our”) ?? (Yaar/Rapid Readiness).

The Supplemental Statement

I accept the Profession of Faith of The Integral Meusio. This profession does not necessarily abrogate any other spiritual faith commitments I have. Free and rational and intuitive inquiry into any aspect of the Faith is supported. My understanding of these principles today is not final and may be revised or renounced at any time of my choosing. The Meusio itself may revise the Profession in the future as Our collective understanding emerges. I understand that the Faith cannot be fully explained, and even our best efforts at understanding fall short of perfection. I pray for God’s aid in deepening my knowledge of the mysteries of Faith.

In Case of a Serious Dissent of Conscience,

Consult with an Integral Minister, and with their permission add:

“I have one or more serious dissents of conscience with some aspect of the Profession, but I wish to participate in The Meusio in the hope that time will heal the rift in a satisfactory manner. I have discussed my dissent(s) with an Integral Minister, and they have given me a ‘Yes’ to proceed to membership.”

Alternative Professions of Faith

The Integral Meusio allows membership by any Profession of Faith made in good conscience and approved by an Integral Minister. Such Profession must contain a verbal component of at least 100 words and not greater than 400 words. Although it may optionally contain artistic, musical, or other non-verbal content, such content does not substitute for the verbal element, which must be recited aloud for membership. For details, see “Alternative Professions of Faith”.

In Case of Other Faith Commitments

The Integral Meusio does not require you to abrogate any other spiritual beliefs or religious memberships. Whether you do so is entirely a matter between you, God, and any other organization to which you may belong.

The Census of Members

Maintaining a census of Meusio members is a matter of interest to The Integral Meusio as a whole. Accordingly, any member who receives a Profession of Faith from a new person should inform a Meusio Minister so the new person may be officially welcomed.

Why We Use Lingua-U

In our day, there are nearly 7,000 different languages in use among people. All of these languages without exception have fallen short of their potential for allowing human beings to participate in the Holy Word, God-Logos itself, so that we may derive insights in how to live well and in alignment with God’s Will through language itself. Lingua-U aims to rectify the decrepit and moribund nature of our languages and save the parts that are working well, so that eventually the course of linguistic evolution may be righted.

Lingua-U is not a language. It is a metalanguage, a set of symbols and rules defined according to The Lingua-U Sutra, one of our holy texts. Lingua-U is not a perfect metalanguage, but it is the first human-speakable metalanguage aspiring to unite the holy meanings of the Sacred Words of all the world’s Great Traditions and First Nations. Although the sutra is not public at this time, its key teachings are summarized in The Twelve Tenets of Integralism.