Who wants to join a Turquoise Club? I’m serious!

It’s been less than a day since I published my article responding to “On Hanzi Freinacht’s ‘Death to TURQUOISE'” and I’m surprised at the reaction! The article has gotten quite a few likes in social media, but several of the people responding to it sided with Hanzi. Some people have agreed with me, but…

One said:

FReinacht nails it….

Ultimately there is of course ALWAYS birth, death, rebirth.So Freinacht- in my view- is simply noticing whats going on right now.

Another said:

You won’t catch Don [beck] or me talking about Turquoise due to our thorough understanding of Graves. Your quote from the book has been one of my major points of contention with Wilber’s followers for years. It’s not death to Turquoise, it’s death to non-Gravesian understanding of Turquoise.

And another said:

depends how you define “turquoise”. is “turquoise” an all quadrant thing? i would say yes, in which case it does not exist until it’s in all quadrants which it isn’t yet.

(I’ve responded to these commenters’ points in social media.)

Again and again, the twofold theme emerges: (1) Turquoise isn’t real or legitimate or worth talking about because there is NO SOCIAL STRUCTURE to contain it, and (2) therefore we evolutionaries or integralists or spiral wizards ought to say “Death to (the Wilberian understanding of, at least) TURQUOISE!”

Forgive me if I haven’t recorded their full points in a sympathetic and enfolding manner here. If they had wanted their comments on my blog, they could have commented on my article. And they still can.

Now… for the second time in a year, I find myself saying: Cannot the Integral community, particularly those of us who find Wilber’s philosophy to be a valuable touchstone for our own emergence, do something to build a stronger container for Turquoise emergence in a way that is distinct from YELLOW vMEME and Teal (early Integral)?

I floated an idea last December for an Integral Guild. I even built a prototype website (no longer existing). There wasn’t enough interest to make it fly.

Now let me revise this proposal. Would someone please consider creating an Integral social container with a requirement for membership that is an assessment at or at least Construct-Aware in Cook-Greuter’s MAP or 5.0 in the STAGES assessment? If there are other assessment tests that can pinpoint Turquoise in distinction from Yellow or Teal or Strategist, then a qualifying score on those tests could also be acceptable for membership. Moderate it, but let people figure out how to make it work. Feel free to add your own twist on this proposal (e.g., by finding a way to incorporate Teal / Strategist or other levels). I will join, even if there’s an annual membership fee involved.

Is Integral Life interested in something like this?

Pacific Integral?

Cook-Greuter and Associates?


If no one else is interested in doing this, I will keep asking from time to time… and when I get some free time on my hands, if no one has done it by then, I just might take another pass at it. Out of a sense of duty to see what a globally-interrelated Turquoise+ could come up with as a collective if given the chance. (But starting and building up and nurturing a successful membership organization isn’t my strong suit. I hope to see someone else take this on!)

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