In various discussions that we have about the life of the Integralist, we may come to the realization that while it’s hard enough to talk about actual topics, it is also necessary to take a meta-perspective in which we talk about the hidden structures of consciousness which govern the ways that we talk about things.

Some of these structures involve systems of understanding and then systems of systems of understanding. And then we begin to see how these systems are part of paradigms of knowing and acting that are enacted in a myriad of ways depending on many contexts and constructs. This is a good part of what we call taking an Integral approach.

You can even color code this insight! Isn’t that terrific.

Stages & States (Wilber-Combs Lattice)
This means that you have found that your former worldview is Green (a.k.a. postmodern or First-Tier) and you have outgrown it. In order for you to maintain some semblance of psychological equilibrium, you must discover the new identity which is emerging within you. You have read some books or followed online discussions or spoken to friends and learned a secret: you are probably Teal (a.k.a. Yellow vMEME, Integral consciousness, Strategist ego-maturity, etc.) or perhaps over time it matures into Turquoise which is a more holistic understanding of things.

In case you haven’t noticed, your color codes are getting bluer and bluer. You look on one of the Integral Maps out there and it suggests that you could be on the road to “Indigo”, also known as para-mind (formerly known as the “psychic stage” of consciousness).

What do you do about it? Here’s a thought. You can create a To Do List that looks like this.

  • Step #1. Like a patient confronting a perplexing diagnosis you must identify all the competing strands of your identity — labeling them with their proper evolutionary coordinates within your psyche — and correlate them with the competing strands of the socio-cultural milieu in which you find yourself.
  • Step #2. Now you must re-tell your life story in a way which does justice to your growing realization that nature follows certain holarchies of existence which enfold each other in a spiraling fashion. You must own what you have disowned within you, lift it up to the light, and figure out what you believe and know to be true. You look at your home, your neighborhood, your city, and your nation as having greater depth and interiority than you ever knew possible.
  • Step #3. You are now aware of developmental levels which you haven’t experienced (these may go by the names of Indigo, Violet, Ultraviolet, and even Clear Light), so you must find a new orientation to the future. The world too progresses through somewhat predictable patterns or stages of evolution, so naturally you begin to look into our collective future with new vision.

As if all this weren’t enough, I am now going to ask you to take one additional step. It’s one possible way forward towards the Indigo stage, and it’s as simple as embracing all your “psychic” intuitions derived from mystical states that come your way including extrasensory perception, chakras, clairvoyant channeling, and the use of oracles. These are states of knowing stemming from non-rational sources of insight, a realm that probably seems a bit magical to you. You can encourage these states and even proactively discipline yourself to expand your awareness in this fashion.

I’ll take the liberty to call this Step #4. This step isn’t for everyone. It takes a certain openness to experience and could even involve a sense that you are losing your grip on reality and your sense of self. Here goes.

  • Step #4. You are now aware that the previous three steps in your journey are all part of a process of the emergence of Blue Magick (or Blue Magic). Something has magically transformed your sense of self, your worldview, your relations with everything around you, even your relationship with time and space. Your old worldview hit a wall it could not pass, but you nevertheless climbed over it to a new spaciousness. A landscape of Turquoise tilting towards Indigo is arrayed before you in glorious mysteriousness as beckoning adventure yards.

Blue Magick isn’t unscientific. It’s a discovery of wonderment and wholeness and evolution all bundled together in a neat package. It’s complexity wrapped up as a birthday present for your Self and it doesn’t look so scary. It’s an opening to new friendships and relationships. It’s an opening of new books and retreats and workshops and communities … even a global collective of somewhat like-minded individuals.

You may wonder how Blue Magick works and how it is similar to other notions of magic, but somehow you sense that the time is not right to pull back the veil on that topic. There’s a whole world of new things to explore when you have left a postmodern identity for a post-postmodern one, and you don’t need to move so quickly.

You have passed the initiation. You have the right to call yourself “Integral” or “Post-Postmodern”. Stick to one or more of those three labels and don’t try to be preciously different. Don’t worry if that feels arrogant or pompous or weird or rigid at first. It’s supposed to. You have to inhabit these labels before you can shirk them off. Buy the T-shirt and wear it until you outgrow it.

You hear a suggestion from a Magician that it’s not the best time to peel back every layer of the onion. You intuitively sense that there’s both a reality and a non-reality to your new identity, and that Magician has encountered that non-reality and overcome it somehow. You don’t care how at the moment, you’re just a wee bit happy to know you have permission to be “magical”.

You read some Integral books and scan the indexes for the word “magic”. It’s hardly ever found. Huh, weird, right? But then you find it! OMG. It’s right there in the Integral dictionary defined as superstition, animism, associated with pre-scientific thinking and the pre- in the pre-trans fallacy. You start to wonder if these authors have lost touch with their childhood in some unfortunate way. You start to wonder if maybe they are excluding Indigenous spirituality in some painful and twisted way that isn’t good. You learn that Blue Magic tells us that Magic is both a Science and an Art, and so it can’t possibly be merely pre-rational. That doesn’t make any sense at all.

I have a quote from Aleister Crowley that is relevant. He’s a famous/notorious Magician (there are awful things written about him, much of it true). Crowley said, “Magick is the Science of understanding oneself and one’s conditions. It is the Art of applying that understanding in action.” That sounds reasonable enough for now. Basically what he’s saying is that Magick is what Integralists sometimes call an “action-logic”. It’s the how-it-gets-done part of every stage of development.

In other words, Magicians can talk about Beige or Black magick, which is the acton-logic related to the tribal ego’s drive to protect itself and gain power for itself. Then there’s Red magick, which is the action-logic for the mythic-membership ego’s need to feel, think, and gain insights based on stories and dramatic rituals. Then there’s Brown magick, which is the action-logic for the rational ego’s need to discipline the mind through reason in order to achieve greater heights of achievement. And then there’s Green magick, which is the action-logic for the pluralistic ego’s maneuvering through relativistic cultural and social systems of knowing and relating. And so on.

Now you know it’s okay to work Blue Magic, dressing your life story and the world around you in a holarchical schema of colors and developmental labels, perhaps dividing the systems and paradigms that you have encountered so far into quadrants and zones and types and lines and much more so that you can arrange them in a fashion that is more useful and elegant and life-affirming than you have previously known. You’re able to think faster and manipulate more ideas more quickly than ever before because you’re now manipulating thought at a “meta” level. That’s part of what we could call Blue magick.

If this resonates for you, maybe it’s your time to be the best Blue Magician you can be, mastering the Integral Theory and Practice that is necessary for this awesome task. Maybe you’ll call yourself an Alchemist or give yourself some other fancy title. What matters is that you are getting inklings that your Integral worldview is expanding into something beyond that which you have previously taken it to hold, something magical and real. There are times you’ll be frightened of the new discoveries you’re making, and that’s okay. Remember, you have permission to be magical. Enjoy yourself.

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