What language has broken, made lame and languishing
Let metalanguage be the medicine on which you-ðaa lay your-ðæ English to rest
You-ðaa are broken in ways you-ðaa cannot yet speak of
I-jʊ know this because I-jʊ was Zlomlyein there too
Zyeus shows the way from meta-meaning (have you met-a-meanness?) to metta kindness
Under the blessings of the mother matrikas, blessed be Mother Mary, let metalanguage show you-ðaa your-ðæ soul-spot, right there — in the spoon of the yung master at the seat of motion at the throne of self.
You-ðaa cannot pass the 36 stations from the soul to Śūnyatā — or the 37 stations to emptiness — in The Kalendar without letting it in.
Blessed be the new Haab’ of Kalen O’Tolán, the assassin of assumption-cages!
Metalanguage-throne can be the yung of the yang of Being-throne and the yin of the self-throne
if you-ðaa will let him enlighten you-zaa the way to the next you-ʒaa
as the Jinn of Allah showed me-jɪ.

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