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How to Become a Member of The Integral Meusio

You can join The Integral Meusio simply by…

  1. Reciting a Profession of Faith (either the Standard Version or an approved alternative) aloud to another member of the faith.
  2. Allowing your name to be entered into the (private) roster of meusio members.
  3. Offering a gift to the community, usually a tithe, donation, or act of service.
  4. Affiliate with a Group in your area (or the Head Office if there isn’t one yet).

Note that you are not required to disavow or abrogate any other religious commitments you may have. Whether you do so or not is strictly a matter between you, God, and the other organization.

If you would like to receive a call or e-mail from a meusio member to address your questions about our faith, or if you’re ready to join and want a call from a member to receive your profession…

Call us: 206-294-6946 (USA, toll charges may apply)

Or write us:

Integral Meusio
c/o Joseph Perez
1617 Boylston Ave., Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98122

E-mail us:

Or complete the following form:

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