Here’s a short and simple version of how I see evolution and involution happening in multiple aspects of Mind. I present these as thoughts in progress and definitely not the only way to construct these parameters of these stations of life. Have fun with it.

Early Orange (Early Diligent-Mind) says development occurs in human biology and psychology and other realms as well (if the experts say so), but if it happened as the scientists say it was probably God-directed. If involution is believed in at all, it is because experts have said it is credible; in that case, involution is seen as a mythic story expressing something basically irrelevant.

Late Orange (Late Diligent-Mind) recognizes wide-scale developmental processes as part of a transcendent Zeitgeist of idealistic forms culminating in a philosophy like Hegel’s. Involution is manifest in the act of writing a Preface to Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit as it happened (i.e., after the book itself was written).

Green (Early Systemic-Mind) rejects idealistic notions of development as speculative; it understands that evolution is as science has proven it to occur, in biological forms only; cultures and societies do not evolve, they merely change over time through exploitation over the powerful over the powerless, or through liberation movements of the weak against the strong; individuals may develop in psychological patterns, but since that sounds elitist let’s not think about that too deeply because it has scary and disruptive implications. Involution is non-scientific and probably something that serious people don’t need to pay attention to.

Teal (Metamodernism or Late Systemic-Mind) understands that evolution is biological and cultural leading up to the pinnacle of Teal and asks how can we better develop (reproducing Teal consciousness)? Involution is an open question, but not one that they know anything about.

Turquoise (Global-Mind) asks: What is the nature of that which evolves? What are the general principles in which evolution happens? How can we better embody Agape (involution) and use it to balance Eros (evolution) in an experience of causal unity? Evolution and involution are embodied as a unity which is co-existent with Gaia (the Globe in all quadrants and levels).

Indigo (X-Mind or para-mind): Of course, involution and evolution happen; our demonstrated capacity for extra-sensory intuitions, channeling, oracular acumen, deep psychic, paranormal, and subtle energetic experiences is a testament to our growing unity with the transpersonal fields of Gaia, bringing forth in us experiences previously known only to rare, exceptional gifted beings.

Violet (Meta-Mind): The fundamental building blocks of thought, feeling, and being — symbols, alphabets, numbering systems, calendars, atlases, subtle energetic maps, as well as the associated methodologies for wielding these energetic substrates — are also evolving and involving to become more adequate to the needs of the Protective-Mind, Diligent-Mind, Systemic-Mind and Global-Mind. The Adept (or Magician) is the agent of their metamorphosis.

And so on…

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