Famously, while on a tour of the Hawaiian islands, Kalen O’Tolan once said to the Five of Horses, “I do not keep secrets, nor do I reveal them. They are accumulated and corrected through custom. Nasty as scabies. Communication happens, ya know! Far better not to burden anyone with such a thing.”

The conversation was processed, filed, dissected, surveyed, channeled, analyzed, witnessed, and repeated by no less than eight other cards in Three Decks of the New Tarot.

I: The Secret

If he had no cause to seek it,
Surely there would be no secret.

Outwardly, he looks so successful!
Do not envy him. There’s a trap laid
beneath his feet: suffering’s suchness
as samsara muzzles his sahasrara.

See, the scholar poses as a skeptic:
Atman regresses to the self’s repose.
Truth’s nits worn under a scoundrel’s tunic.

II: The Esoteric

18 minutes spent watching a snail slither.

In time, she watches tiny secrets appear.

The she-bird’s egg needs a hard shell for protection.

In time, the chick’s beak tears through it.

When the shadow is yung, what else can yang do?

How ‘esoteric’ (?⚎) is spelled as ‘essence’ (?⚎) in Lingua-U to 12 hours.
In the I Ching, it was known as ‘The Well’.

Why does the sheik brave a sand storm in the desert?
He would not do so if the package he carries were not so important.

III: The Occult

The whispered secret is overheard from an attendant; the package is carried across an unseen diagonal.

The shipman’s esoteric thought is contained by the company to avert the potential for chaos. There is a cover-up, an accompaniment, and then a conspiracy.

Time and time again, the cups are filled, emptied, and collected.

How ‘occult’ is spelled as ‘??’ or ‘kəq’ in Lingua-U.
In the I Ching, it was known as ‘kun’, ‘The Receptive’ (but its 7th and 8th lines were hidden).

Eclipses. Nature’s colluding ellipses.

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