In these ruminations on the nature and goals of the Turquoise altitude, I would like to offer some pointing out instructions for dimensions of construct-aware consciousness that are not discussed in the literature. Unfortunately from my perspective, the existing body of psychological research into the farther reaches of ego-maturity are limited by their adherence to the requirement that they be based on empirical research into test subjects.

Another approach which ought to be equally validated is “worldview artistry” as I have described it: an approach which models all the realms of consciousness based on arranging a fairly comprehensive set of linguistic phonemes in accordance with their subtle energetic qualities which are themselves arranged into the construct of The Kalendar, and then entering into “the within” of the Logos as an act of creativity (i.e., the Lingua-U method).

According to Dr. Cook-Greuter, some of the behavioral aspects of the Stage 5/6 in ego-maturity include:

  • Embrace of a time frame beyond one’s own lifetime, of global-historical perspective, with awareness of multicultural perspectives and multiple modes of living.
  • Demonstrating cognitive skills aware of a cross-paradigmatic nature, including nested systems, evolutionary movements, and the perception of unitive concepts.
  • Preoccupation with existential paradoxes, habits of the mind and hearts, awareness of the limits to language and discursive meaning-making.
  • Acceptance of paradox and ambiguity, commitment to serving self and others with humility in the face of existential predicaments, aware of needing maps for human living.
  • Finding truth in personal, rational, and symbol-mediated realms via partial and perspectival representational understandings. Holds truths up to a certain point, married to an all-pervasive uncertainty.

Furthermore, Dr. Cook-Greuter includes two distinct but related forms of the stage: Construct-awareness and Ego-awareness. The first form relates to the fact that this stage becomes aware of the constructed nature of reality. It is quite common for individuals aware of many aspects of constructed meanings to strive to make the most coherent narratives about the nature of existence and reality, especially comprehensive maps and theories or meta-maps and supertheories.

The second form of the stage notices the ego’s role in creating meaning and organizing the principles of reality. Ego-aware persons tend to be aware of developmental patterns that encompass all living things and systems. They analyze their own individual evolution and notice the need for orienting frameworks such as Integral Theory. Moreover, having recognized the functions of the ego, they strive with flexibility, choice, and non-defensiveness to create a sense of permanence and relevance which transcend its limitations.

The Lingua-U symbols for Ego (??) and Construct (??) and Awareness (?⚍) contribute to our understanding of how this stage of development unfolds — if, of course, we are open to accepting intuitive meta-mentalistic symbolism as part of our storytelling. This method takes the ordinary use of these terms as a given, and then explores the hidden patterns of their sound-meaning (in English, in this example) in order ascertain the unseen relationships.

I humbly suggest these 7 insights from the “artistic model” of Lingua-U that may be of interest to theorists and laypeople who are trying to better map these territories using empirical data alone…

  1. The Central Square. All three words — Ego, Construct, and Awareness — are spelled using the yin-yin symbols of the Element of Earth (⚏). This is the central square in the Nine Square Kalendar. This is the station aligned to Turquoise, the altitude of Construct-Awareness and Ego-Awareness in AQAL. This is the station that is considered to be mature Integral consciousness. These three words are in the right place at the right Month (i.e., The White Horse).
  2. Yin and Yung Without Yang. Ego-awareness and Construct-awareness both occur in the Yin phase of the month, aligned to the consonant sound /k/ and the vowels /i/ and /uh/. Thus, they are receptive to an unseen yang influence at the start of the station, the sound /g/ (the central consonant in the word “integral”). Meanwhile, Awareness itself is located in the Yung phase of the month, aligned to the sound /q/ and the vowels /i/ and /uh/.
  3. The Missing Yang. So right off the bat we can see that any story about Turquoise that wants to focus merely on Construct-awareness and Ego-awareness is missing a third of the story. Awareness is how the story ends; Constructs or egos are the object of the story; but the subject is missing! There are a few candidates for a proper yang subject to Turquoise given in the Lingua-U Lexicon, and I would propose consideration of “inner authority” or “advaita” or “attentiveness” or “Gunas” or “God-consciousness” or “Guru-mind”. Or eschew such loaded terminology in favor of something simple like “get up and go”. I have my preferences among these words, but they are all possible avenues for exploration.
  4. The Aware Ego. After “get up and go” establishes the yang of the Turquoise altitude, what comes next? The Kalendar suggests that the answer is knowing that which is now seen by the get-up-and-go: the Ego (??), and so Ego-awareness comes online as the Majestic at the Seat of Interiority of the Letter of Constructing. The Ego was probably hidden from conscious awareness for so long because it is associated with the archetypes of Chaos, The Assassin, and The Killer at the Throne of Cooking. The ugliness and guilt of human existence can not be cloaked from The Attentive any longer. The “ego” is part of a psychological model of selfhood; however, in The Kalendar, it is the inside zone of the collective objective perspective, a fact that will strike some as a forced and useless correlation and others as a mystery. In defense of the symbolism of The Kalendar, I will remind you that we are looking at the Element of yin-yin only, and so the self-sense of this station will probably seem peculiar to anyone used to the more common yang-based constructs.
  5. The Aware Construct. After the yang of Ego-Awareness comes the activity of Constructing (??) in the yin. Constructing is the Majestic at the Seat of Concern at the Throne of Communion. It is adjacent to pure receptivity — yin-yin-yin-yin-yin-yin expressed as Acceptance or Occurrence — united with the yang of Cutting or Kabaa, the shrine and holy temple of Islam in Mecca. The yang of Ego and Yin of Constructing are united at the Yung of Constructs (??), which is the Majestic at the Seat of Consciousness at the Letter of Constructing. The point of a Construct is like the point of a Carpet on the floor: placed on the Earth, it gives us a soft foundation upon which we can relax and inhabit our communal spaces comfortably.
  6. Awareness For What? Awareness (?⚎) itself comes online as the Yung of the Yang of The Attentive and the Yin of Ego/Constructs. At the Seat of Structure at the Throne of Quelling, it is the yang to the yin of Questioning and Quests. Its purpose is to Quell the extremes and excesses that remain uncalmed after many quakes and quiverings of the Heart chakra (?⚏). As Awareness ascends into our understanding from the Heart, the lower Causal (??) states are made manifest to the gross and subtle subjects; they open a deep Quarry within which Gaia herself awakens into a new state. The point of Awareness is to alleviate the quagmires and threats to planetary life itself and restore balance to the relationship between Gaia and Allah (God). Awareness is revealed as the yin to the yang of the Heart chakra and the yung of the Earth herself, the sense of Arising itself, and Allah-consciousness.
  7. The Quandry at the Close. The 5th-person-perspective began with the feeling of Abyss and the awareness of the prospect of Apocalypse. And so it is fitting that at the close of the 5th-person-perspective in the grammar of Lingua-U and the rising up of the 6th-person-perspective, there comes activity in the shadow of Extinction. There’s a Quandry followed by the necessity to Qualify all that has come before in terms of one thing: its Quality. The horrible prospect of a planetary Extinction (??) lies around the bend at the 6th-person perspective … and only the most qualified candidates of what has come before may enter the farther reaches of consciousness in order to address extraordinary problems of significance to all realms of spirit. At the last moment of the Letter of Qualification, we can trace our steps in the Integral Nonagon like so: the ArcheStation of The Integralist comes to a close … and the ArcheStation of The Chosen One emerges.

Dr. Cook-Greuter describes the post-Turquoise stages as 6/n, but since “n” is an impossibly high quantity, in the months ahead in The Kalendar (ere the Yule) we will be focusing on the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th-person-perspectives as they are modeled in the Lingua-U construct.

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