Unicode Characters for Lingua-U


Lingua-U Codex: Excerpt A

“Magic” grows up. A new, magical language is coming. When complete the Lingua-U Codex will provide all the essential information for using and further developing a meta-language of subtle energy based on the Integral Magic system. This system, which is inspired in part by the ancient Canon of Supreme Mystery, is explored in The Kalendar Series of books ( The following document contains the 729 hexagrams depicting the Major Meta-Words of Lingua-U as well as all the half-day stations of the Kalendar. Individuals wishing to study Integral Magic or Lingua-U may immediately begin to incorporate these elements into their work or practice. The contents are subject to revision to incorporate feedback from the community. I offer much gratitude to Ken Wilber’s Integral Spirituality and Terri O’Fallon’s StAGES In-Depth training for many insights which have proved indispensable to this Konstruct.