Regarding J.C.’s comment at Integral Agape:

Well, now we’re entering a different situation, where some object or created artifact is claimed to have a Kosmic Address in a given quadrant AND located at a specific altitude. This then does create a huge problem in terms of communicating this object/artifact to others and providing some justification for its existence.

I have determined that it’s best to be up front about where I think Lingua-U / Kalendar, etc. is “at” on the integral map rather than trying to be sneaky about it. How can it be hidden? It’s sorta obviously doing for language itself what AQAL did for thought-concepts: poviding orienting generalizations that connect common but previously under-seen truths, permitting previously impossible collaborations and inner work to unfold. Once I get to discussing chakras in the late summer, this will start to get clearer on my blog.


To be clear and a bit humble about it, there are a lot of subtle-mind technologies* from astrology to Tarot cards to Kabbalah. They just haven’t been put together with “Integral” stages of consciousness before to anything like this degree (not in the “right way”, in my opinion). In other words, they were historically developed by people “at” lower stages (e.g., mythic) using insights from subtle states. Or, in the case of certain books or artificial languages created in the past decade such as Armand Diaz’s Integral Astrology or Stuart Davis’s IS language, these were “integrally informed”, but not evidencing the sort of lightning storm of effervescent creativity that one can find at Violet (an argument that I will be making in the fall in the Month of the Blue Castle), and therefore they didn’t dig deep enough into the linguistic and sub-linguistic (subtle energetic) roots of consciousness. They tried to take the conceptual architecture of AQAL Integral Theory and apply it to astrology or artificial language construction, whereas Lingua-U proceeds from the ordinary and sacred speech of existing languages and induces “AQAL-like” stations of life organically based on a look at “the within” of natural processes (especially the kinesthetics of speech production).

The combination of subtle with magic or mythic allowed esotericists to create incredibly important artifacts and I don’t want to take anything away from their achievement. But they didn’t address the theoretical complications posted by meta-systemic and cross-paradigmatic considerations (e.g., putting magick together with science, linguistics, Integral Theory, modernist or postmodern theology of the Abrahamic religions, etc.)

If I’m right about this, then Lingua-U / Kalendar is basically at the stage that Wilber’s AQAL was at in 1994, right before he published Sex, Ecology, Spirituality. I would give it a couple of decades to emerge and unfold as it will. If successful, I hope it will help to advance the Integral map to the subtle realms in a more sophisticated and detailed fashion than anyone even has a clue is possible if they haven’t been studying it for years. Of course, what looks like a stepladder to me may seem like an invisible and possibly non-existent sky bridge to someone else (LOL). Seriously, Lingua-U aims to be a higher “stepladder” or “bridge” that helps to close the gap between Second Tier and Third Tier. It deserves to be treated as a technology with profound implications of global significance, and criticized and challenged and corrected appropriately.

And then there will be the cultural impact of unleashing a new spiritual technology. Hard to predict, but right now it seems quite possible that my work’s biggest upside will be the possibility of transforming language education globally. The Lingua-U metalanguage could have a role for the world’s languages — including the Sacred Word traditions — similar to the work of Shakespeare in English or the Koran in Arabic or the Bible for ancient Greek — it could establish a touchstone or benchmark by means of which language could be “rectified” in order for evolution to unfold in a healthier direction, less stymied by post-Babel cacophany.

And if humankind’s relationship to language changes, how does that affect everything else? I wouldn’t venture a guess right now. I’m just proceeding as carefully as I can given the urgency of the problems that I see in the world and the need for wider, more expansive visions appropriate for our time. If anyone thinks these claims are overblown, then I invite them to address the topic of how exactly Lingua-U and The Kalendar are *not* Violet altitude technologies, and to provide examples of actual Violet technologies.

* I’m not talking about subtle-body technologies at this point, but I haven’t forgotten about them. In my view, Yoga, Tai Chi, and other “embodiment practices” have grown disconnected from their links to the Sacred Word traditions. And when this link is preserved — as with some Yoga teachers who are steeped in Sanskrit — the link is linguistic, not meta-linguistic. In other words, they teach my (ethnocentric) Sacred Words, not yours. There is no post-ethnocentric, meta-linguistic subtle-body technology at this point in history.

Perhaps this ought to go without saying, but at high levels of integration, there really is no clear divide between subtle-body practice and subtle-mind practice. It’s subtle bodymind all the way. The “magick” in Lingua-U, such as it is, seems to be derived in good measure simply because it points the way to greater alignment of physiological processes, sound symbolism in language, and other natural phenomena (such as the natural link between the sound /b/ and Breaking, Busting, Bashing, Batting, Bursting, Big Banging, Beginning, etc. and the phonetic features of how the sound is actually produced).

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