Remember these, the first words spoken by Kalen O’Tolan, Slayer of Capricorn,
when returned from the underworld after falling in his famed battle with the Old Zodiac
which had grown too greedy, self-satisfied, cruel, and corrupt.

Kalen emerged as a newborn person in New Zealand, innocent in New Flesh.
Like a chick hatched from a golden egg on the Day of Embodiment,
held in the arms of his daughter Surya and her husband Benedict
In a Māori occupation at the site of present-day Dundein, in 1227 CE,
shortly after the death of Genghis Khan, the Great Khan.

He spoke to her when he learned to talk at the age of two, speaking in Tolang
so as to reveal the secret location of the Golden Egg,
highest treasure at the Throne of Treasuring in the Kalendar’s most spectacular Month.

Surya, I see the swirling path you have gone through a Grass-Green wood
since I left you. You sojourned from one continent to another,
searching for evidence to lift your spirit,
seeking for a new significance from within your self-citta,
seeing more than you could reason through science and schemes for success.
The priests offered you absolution from sin, and you refused.
Everything old you stopped; a new world started in your svelte arms.
I watched you running to stay one step ahead of danger,
never far from samsara and suffering, needing new, personal ethics.
Nothing did you prize more than the solace of your soul, your new integrity,
until you had to sacrifice even such self-certainty to a new sort of servitude.

I watched you, semi-immortal daughter, standing upon the Gold Coast at 1111 CE,
looking as youthful as a girl of merely nine years, her hair twisted tikitiki
in the Māori fashion. Your once pristine self-root became misshapen
with shame. It was not your fault; it was the collective shame that your soul
took to glue to itself out of its goodness. Your way was once shining, and you shone.
Your way was once chivalrous, and you were kind to animals and old people.
Your way was once shimmering and chicanery, until you made a living for yourself
in the wild and on the pirate ships. I looked the other way at times,
daughter. Economics and reforming the social ethos were your passions.
Fighting against evil you became the twin of that which you opposed.
I remember how you nearly sold an Artifact of Orr to feed your firstborn son.
The gods and goddesses took it from you then, but it will return one day,
its retrieval to become the task of your heirs. You shouldn’t have tried it.
Shriveled in misery, shady as a shifty showman, you stunk of shit and stain.
Your gold-haired beau fell in love with you, young lovers shacking up in a shantytown,
sharing a bed out of wedlock. Do you see where the Grass-Green road left you?
You become nothing but walking, talking, living shadow! Bankrupt. Corrupt.
Your soul had to shout before Allah would listen, asking for mercy upon you
and help for your family. In response, God showered you with shunyataa: nothing.

Listen to me, Surya, your beloved father reborn as your adopted toddler.
I have a message for you: the Grass-Green Gate is shut to you forever.
A Sea-Green Gate with Teal undertones shining under a Yellow sky beckons now.
Grieve what you once won on the Gate’s other side: nothing.
And now, nothing accumulates. You have even lost the nothingness.
Your mind grew quiet and peaceful. Your education was your illumination.
Your ways grew smooth as the skin-lotion you pour on your epidermis.
Embodiment is the Way now. Let your body lead you on the road ahead.
Empathy is the Way now. Let your feelings lead you on the road ahead.
Enfoldment is the yang, Enclusion is the yin, and Enactment is the yung.
Let these three principles energize you to ever greater degrees of Enlightenment.
Be an emissary of Shikaina as you know her, and Allah will show you the way
which is the yung to the yang of Science and Evolution and the yin of Essence and Should,
which is the yung to the yang of Self and Soul and the yin of Shiva and Shakti,
and there — Ʒblokohɛt: It Becomes Unblocked! The Golden Egg is within your reach now.

I have consulted the Atlas of Uvoha, and I will now tell you the secret spot
where the Greatest Treasure is hidden for you, Surya. The Omphalos of Delphi
says you must leave behind the world you know in Australia. Head North to
Anadyr, the easternmost point in Russia. In the town center, you will see the Trinity.
Be well. You will leave me in the care of a peasant woman and return to me,
my beloved daughter, only when you have the Golden Egg in your possession.
Thereafter, we will seek the Goose who laid it at the Throne of Gunas.

See how the epic journey of Kalen O’Tolan begins in The Kalendar Series: The Black Stone.

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