In the midst of the sojourn of the ArcheStation of the Evolutionary, the Polisher arrives at the Week of the Shark. She or he now faces destruction at the hands of the Shadow or a potential new identity as the Shambhala, the Sacred Warrior for an Enlightened Society…

According to Tibetan legend, there will come a time when all living beings on the Earth will face mortal danger. Savage powers will rise up out of the dark shadows and wreak devastation and destruction everywhere they go. In times like these, the hope of all sentient beings will rest in the hands of the Shambhala warriors (??), masters of the subtle energy of The Majestic at the Seat of Actualization (?⚊) at the Throne of Education (?) at the Letter of Shunting (⚍⚋) in The Kalendar.

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The Shambhala warriors cannot necessarily be recognized by insignia, uniform, or rank. They may have no headquarters. They own no land of their own. They act with the integrity of their self-actualization as chivalrous and spiritually accomplished individuals as Unitive Types at the Collective Coalescing Quadrants of the 4th-Person Perspective.

They move in the secular sphere, rubbing shoulders (??) with the barbarians. While the barbarians shame and push and shove and shut the way forward, the Shambhala warriors shine and shape and shimmy and show up. They carry the burden of a common dream: the emergence of an enlightened society and world.

Moral and physical courage is their prized possession, their shield (??) against the corruption of destructive influences. Through their application and not through brute force, they will travel into the seat of worldly power rife with corruption, greed, and depravity, and they will disarm the evildoers with Equanimity (??).

Sometimes they may resort to clever chicanery (?⚏) to outwit their opponents, but not deceit or thuggery.

They will be armed with systemic critiques of economics (?⚏) and the social ethos (??) of their world and they will fight on behalf of the equitable way (??), encouraging unity and receptivity to a higher will. They will always seek to protect the vulnerable, marginalized, and everyone excluded from power. They too will shield the ecological order and the millions of living species who depend on it from destruction, in order to protect the balance of life.

Walking in the corridors of power, they will relentlessly advocate for wise choices and upstanding relationships among all beings. As the Actors of Actualization at the Letter of Shunting, they will embody the Shiva (?⚌) of the Divine Masculine and the Shakti (?⚏) of the Divine Feminine and the Shogun (??) of the Divine Unitive.

They beneficently act to Transition the world through paths of Shunting (??): Dissipative Construction and Creative Destruction.

They are Shambhala Warriors (??) wrestling with the Shadows (?⚌) in order to actualize Equitability (??).

Of these warriors, Joanna Macy wrote:

The weapons are compassion [Empathy at ?⚌] and insight [Shunyataa at ??]. Both are necessary. We need this first one, because it provides us the fuel, it moves us out to act on behalf of other beings. But by itself it can burn us out. So we need the second as well, which is insight into the dependent co-arising of all things. It lets us see that the battle is not between good people and bad people, for the line between good and evil runs through every human heart. We realize that we are interconnected, as in a web, and that each act with pure motivation affects the entire web, bringing consequences we cannot measure or even see.

Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche says that the Shambhala warrior is characterized by fearlessness. In 2016, he wrote:

Fearlessness [Shaolin at ??] is extending ourselves beyond that limited view. In the Heart Sutra, it talks about going beyond. Gone beyond, gate, is the basic NO. In the sutra, it says there is no eye, no ear, no sound, no smell-all of those things. When you experience egolessness, the solidity of your life and your perceptions falls apart. That could be very desolate or it could be very inspiring, in terms of shunyata [??], the Buddhist understanding of emptiness [?⚌]. Very simply, it is basic NO. It is a real expression of fearlessness.

The essence of the warrior tradition, according to Rinpoche’s transmission, is fearlessness based on a “real connection to basic goodness”. So you see, in terms of the story we are telling about the Letter of Shunting, /sh/, the path out of Shame (??) is one that leads directly into Chivalry (?⚍) on the one hand and indirectly to the warrior ethos of Shambhala (??) on the other. Chivalry — adherence to a strict code of moral uprightness — begins the yang-yin process of reshaping shame so it becomes more pliable and susceptible to removal. The yang of Shame, when it obeys the yin of Shall and the activity of Sharing — being an ethical person — leads naturally to the yung of Shambhala.

When you hear the calling of the Shambhala Sacred Warrior, do not mince words to avoid the imagery of conflict. If the notion that Reality requires Warriors to maintain peace and order in the Realm and save the Dharma from destruction is offensive to you, then take a good long look at yourself and at the world we actually occupy. If you are on a journey through the Second Tier of consciousness in your own internal map, then you must pass the gate of Shambhala or you will be stuck at Green (early-to-mid Systemic-Mind) and can go no further.

Power is in your rear-view mirror, tucked away out of sight; it is the yin to the yung of the Presence that the world now demands of you. Once, so early in the First Tier that you have forgotten, you asked the yang of “What is my path, sir?”, because you did not know that the answer was the yin of your future Shadow; now, at last, the answer is yours to put into panoramic action: Shambhala. The Letter of Enfolding (Teal) is fast approaching now and it will require you to have integrated The Letter of Vying (Red) before you Evolve. If you are offended by spiritualizing the virtues of the protectors of goodness, the spiritual warriors, then your Shadow is crashing at Protective-Mind (Red) and has set a bar to your growth.

And the practice of Shambhala, which requires no religious doctrine or community of adherents, may take a life at risk of Shambles and send it on the way to Shunyataa (??) — in other words, right up to the doorstep of a higher degree of Enlightenment (??).

To learn more about the Shambhala Warrior, consult Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche’s classic book on the Sacred Warrior

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  1. […] No wonder Green gets a reputation for nihilism in Integral philosophy! It has to navigate arguably the most difficult and perilous passages in the entire realm of human experience. But it doesn’t need to dwell in an exaggerated fashion on the negativity (that’s how it gets dysfunctional). There is an affirmative way of passing through /sh/, which I have written about multiple times on my blog in recent weeks. There is the alternate path of identifying with ESSENCE instead of shame, SHINING and POLISHING rather than wading in shit, CHIVALRY rather than moral degradation, the positive masculine side of SHIVA, the divine feminine in SHEKHINAH and SHAKTI and SHIJIA (the Chinese name for Buddha), the triple-leafed SHAMROCK as opposed to merely the shadow (no time to explain), the SHOWER to clean off shit and stain, and EDUCATION as opposed to annihilating forms of shunyataa. In short, one must adopt the path of the spiritual warrior, SHAMBHALA. […]


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