In Integral Theory, the causal state is associated with Formlessness. It can be approached through the Witness, a mindfulness of everything that arises in the mind or in ordinary experience. Gross and subtle objects appear to the witness and the Self grows less identified with them while it simultaneously becomes aware of higher forms. These higher forms have been described as unmanifest reality (in Ken Wilber’s words, “like an autumn night with a full moon … a kind of silvery fullness, filling all space.”)

1Ken Wilber in One Taste (Anamnesis, Or: The Psychoanalysis of God):

Ken Wilber is one of the most important philosophers in the world today. He is the most widely translated academic writer in America, with 25 books translated into some 30 foreign languages. His books include One Taste: Daily Reflections on Integral Spirituality.

Exactly how long I was Light, I cannot say. How long Form existed, I cannot say. How long I have been neither, I cannot say.

On the other side of Light, the Abyss. On the other side of Love, the Abyss. How long, I cannot say.

I once was a rock, I remember that, and push pull crash, I remember that. I roamed the universe of myself in slumbering abandon, and truth be told, it was humorous, always.

I once was a plant, then an animal, and thirst and hunger, I remember that. I ran toward, and ran away from, the forms of my own lust. I wandered driven, starving, dying. But truth be told, it was humorous, always.

I once awoke as human beings, and entered into the school of my own becoming. I first worshipped myself in the form of my other, I wor­shipped my slumbering self. I moved toward my own skin, dear nature, and I approached me now with wonder, now with terror, and did unend­ing trembling and ritual pleading to deal with the terror I induced by my own sleep. But truth be told, it was humorous, always.

I once awoke as human beings in search of me as heavenly other, in my own form as misty mythic mystery, still asleep, but barely. I sacrificed aspects of my still slumbering self in order to appease the terror that my own twilight still evoked. But to awaken all at once, you see, would have ended the game right there. And truth be told, it was humorous, always, even as I cut into myself.

I soon awoke as human beings who, in striving to be a light unto themselves, were dimly on the trail of the Light that I am, even in my otherness. In one great move I stopped looking for me out there. In one great move, I awoke to a consciousness of light. In one great move, I turned within, or began to, and I could sense that this game was getting old, because I was now on the trail of I. Truth be told, it was humorous, even as it was starting to end.

And then one day, sitting alone as my otherness, I saw myself as a ball of Light and Love, and knew the Great Awakening was upon me.

In the next move in the school of myself, I entered into Me, as that Love and Light itself, and I was with I to infinity. And this I recognized altogether, in a whisper of breath that embraced all space, and a flash of Light that contained all time.

And then, the Abyss beyond all beyonds. Some would call it radical Freedom, infinite Release, ultimate Liberation, the great Redemption, boundless Being. I wouldn’t know, for there is no I to know, in any form, sacred or profane, and so there is only this radical Formlessness, which remains its own remark. It is not bliss, it is not God, it is not love. It is not holistic, it is not Goddess, it is not interwoven anything. It is not infinite, it is not eternal, it is not any conception or object or state whatsoever. I-I am not light, am not love, am not spirit, am not bliss. I-I am not bound, am not free, am not ignorant, am not liberated.

But this much can be said: where there is not this Emptiness, there is only suffering.

All this I remember, in the school of myself. All this I have seen, in the history of my own discovery. All this I sing of now, to the audience of myself. All this I promise to others, who are the forms of my own slum­bering. All this others will also see, as they awaken from their otherness and return their slumbering selves to the Awake-ness that has always existed, undiminished and untorn, in the heart of what they are.

Exactly how long I was Light, I cannot say. How long Form existed, I cannot say. How long I have been neither, I cannot say.

On the other side of Light, the Abyss. On the other side of Love, the Abyss. How long, I cannot say.

But I know I will empty even this Emptiness, and therefore create a Kosmos, and therefore incarnate as the world of Form, and enter with Wakefulness the children of my own Awareness.”

2A Commentary by Joe Perez

Worldview Artist. Integral Visionary. Creator of Lingua-U. Translineage Mystic. Poet. Career Guy. Blogger. Whole Writing™ Coach. Author of Soulfully Gay & other books.

On the other side of Enlightenment, there came a Golden Egg, uncracked and precious. It came into my keeping for many years as I have walked upon the Earth, following the trail of Eros.

The trail of Eros led to Error that was not Error, Earnings that could not be kept, and Early rising on a night I had not slept.

Many pleasures, many treasures, many luxuries have I sought in this precious man-body while I have it. I have tasted Eden in a fashion show and the gardens of Tuileries. I have Eaten in integral cuisines, I have imaged the Apocalypse and how it could be put off for as long as humanly possible. I have consulted Elders and practiced my Zhaulian.

On the other side of Safety, a frog-leap over the desert to the residence of my love Shikhaina, the Abyss (??⚌).

On the other side of Extinction at the deep end of the O Ocean of Spirit, a jump backwards, the Abyss.

Below the inception of Faith in Icicles where I danced in Thunderstorms with Thor, the Abyss.

Orthagonal to the Daze of the mind in a tranced state where I recited and was emanating from Torah in a Tornado, the Abyss.

Orthagonal to the Maze of the meta-mind in an avataric state where I peered at Night from Nur and vice versa, the Abyss.

Above the Way of the Tao-loving mind, where I spoke and listened from a Whirlwind and encountered Uchujin in a Whirlpool, the Abyss.

Orthagonal to the Razor of the mind in a Realizing state, where I played the game of Lila, the Abyss.

Orthagonal to the Bible at the Base of Being itself, where I once passed through a Void, the Abyss.

I was once a Black Stone, I remember that, and big bang boom bust burst bash break bat Babel Baptism Body Bondage. There were beasts and plants and viaducts. I remember that, and it was Beautiful.

I was once a Red Jewel, I remember that. My face shown with an inner ruby-like light, reflecting upon faith fate festivity feces fun functioning phobia focus fear family and freedom, and it was the work of a Thespian.

I was once a Brown Sword, I remember that, and I did my duty, found direction, and danced with deities and devils, delights and disasters, down down down in what I could only call a dream, and it was Zany.

I was once a Golden Egg, I remember that. I saw my self now, examined my own psychology. I saw my society now, examined my own sociology. I saw my soul and ethos, sin and salvation, suchness and samsara. And it made me Shiver in Shame and Shuck the way forward until I tasted Shunyataa.

But Shunyataa was not the Abyss; it was one step before the Shock and two steps before my Education in Embodiment. Emptied into Empathy. Enfolding, encluding, and enacting.

The Abyss is the air around me now, standing at the center-top of a hill in an Emerald City. The Abyss recalls the ‘Biss at my big beginning, the yin master of the inner zone to the yang of my biding-basin in my first exterior zone.

I mount the White Horse at my side and ride down the hill, in view to the Green Bowl like the Puget Sound in the southwest, the Blue Castle rising like a skyscraper in the west, the Violet Heart rising like a Home in the northwest, and the Silver Stars like twinkling argent soldiers in the northern night sky.

Recalling the friendship of Archangel Gabriel (????⚋), Ranger of the Abyss (??⚌), I seek to maneuver beyond my sensual immanence, Gate (??) on the Abyss.

And still yet I carry the Golden Egg, I feel its weight in my own, and feel its fragility too. One day I will adventure forth from these Turquoise shores with white sands. I will take my companion to Yaren on Nauru where we will seek out the Golden Goose herself.

It is not for me to say what I remember or don’t remember about these places. I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprises or erase my capacity to evolve.

All this is sorta remembering, in the calendar of myself.

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