Wil Wheaton breaks the silence on mental illness


Break the silence around mental illness. If you’re depressed or bipolar or schizophrenic, tell someone. Reach out and never be ashamed. #mentalillness #wilwheaton

Wil Wheaton: “People tell me that I’m brave for speaking out the way I do, and while I appreciate that, I don’t necessarily agree. Firefighters are brave. Single parents who work multiple jobs to take care of their kids are brave. The Parkland students are brave. People who reach out to get help for their mental illness are brave. I’m not brave. I’m just a writer and occasional actor who wants to share his privilege and good fortune with the world, who hopes to speak out about mental health so much that one day, it will be wholly unremarkable to stand up and say fifteen words: My name is Wil Wheaton, I live with chronic depression, and I am not ashamed.”

Read the full post. It’s beautiful!

#mentalillness #wilwheaton

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