Why would someone at Indigo need social power?



why would someone at indigo need social power :). lol.

My reply:

If it’s a serious question, I’ve got a serious answer!

I’ll give it to you anyways, even if you were joking.

But instead of answering at the Individual perspective, let me look at a possible Indigo level at the Collective perspective (in The Kalendar, it’s connected with the letter CH as in ch’i and China in the Month of the Green Bowl).

First let me say that I don’t think anyone has a clue what comes after Turquoise politically and middle Turquoise reaches the apogee of equilibrium and sets the goal of equality (but it is ironically also the home of the archetypes of God, King, and Queen — all together in harmony with the Earth/Gaia). But then starts the Super-Integral levels and the words and concepts become more and more exclusive and elitist the farther you go, starting with Quality and Excellence and The Executive and The Chief and The Chosen One and The Genius and Jesus Christ and Maitreya and Avatar and Moses and Muhammad and World Teacher and Hierophant and Hierarchy/Holarchy and Atman and Autocrat and Ruler and Leader and Law-Giver and so on… I don’t think there’s a political structure to the Super-Integral levels that is foreseeable except as thought experiments, but it could very well be a hint that evolution has something unexpected in store for us if/when the world becomes more fully equal.

So let’s do the thought experiment. What is social power to Indigo? Indigo is the Element of Ocean, the yung to Air and the yin of Earth; the yin to the yang of Wood and the yung of Stars. Indigo is the yung to the yang of Green/Teal’s socialism and the yin of Turquoise’s communitarianism; AND — the yin to the yang of Orange’s democratic-capitalism (neoliberalism) and the yung of Clear Light’s Atman (some sort of possibly “post-hive-mind”-like benevolent futuristic autocracy of human beings who have evolved far beyond our present level). What do you get when you’re Indigo at this peculiar cross-section? Something that looks something like a Chinese economy with a subtle-energy wielding oligarchy, weirdly enough. Hopefully not fascistic (that was an earlier meme), but something unlike anything we’ve ever seen before and yet oddly familiar, a picture of heaven and earth brought into unity by a spiritual and political leader known as the Son of Heaven.

Indigo wants social power in order to create a channel between the social order and the divine, bringing the collective into perfect harmony with the Origin and Omega. In short, it has a feel to it similar to the teachings of Confucian philosophers two thousand years ago…

All this comes from my crystal ball called Lingua-U. The social manifestation of Indigo could look like one possible future for China’s evolutionary path, and maybe beyond China as well… Like all future predictions, take it with a strong dose of healthy skepticism.

Ask a silly question…

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