Why I say AQAL is Turquoise, not merely Teal


Some people think that AQAL is the philosophy of Teal, but it’s not. It’s actually one philosophy — not the only one, but arguably the most complete and only well-known philosophy — for navigating Turquoise. Also, it ought to be said that it could be possible to navigate Turquoise in some fashion without having a formal philosophy at all, at least if Turquoise is defined in a certain fashion as it is by the LDF and STAGES models.

The major thing needed for a philosopher to be considered a Teal thinker rather than Green is a demolition of anti-hierarchical thinking into holarchies. The rest is bells and whistles and some Teal thinkers include most of the AQAL components (Levels, Lines, Types, Quadrants, and States) and some don’t.

Generally when you find a Wilber-informed Teal thinker who writes critically about Wilber, often what they have done is extracted the Teal as good and jettisoned the Turquoise+ as bad. So look at what most often gets left behind by the Teal thinkers:

  • the Third Tier
  • involution as well as evolution
  • the 20ish tenets of all holons or some kind of General Theory of evolution
  • Agape as well as Eros
  • stations of life that enfold stages
  • God-talk and stages of spirituality more generally
  • an optional role for gurus to transmit higher states

All or most of these things are present in a mature Turquoise philosophy, all are part of AQAL or Wilber’s overall philosophy, and all tend to get left out by some Teal thinkers.

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