The Kalendar Symbol

A Kazakh Eagle Hunter bundled in fur follows his eagle to the location of a red fox.


Long have the Mongolian monadic people preserved their tradition of hunting with Golden Eagles. Hunters who could tame and train such a magnificent bird of prey were rewarded with a valuable assistance in finding elusive prey of their own. The falconers were especially fond of using the eagles to spot foxes in the winter when the color of their coats would blend into the color of snow. Thus were the tribesmen able to eek sustenance from the land, surviving in harmony with nature with the aid of an eagle’s vision. They gained a catholic perspective on the environment and valuable resources as well.

The Lingua-U Correspondences

No. 368. 𝌮𝌅 ikaa, əqu, ki’aa, ko’u, kj                                                                   Ternary No. 111122

Platform: Object:
Example Ekaaləjɪ: Ecology
Kalendar White Horse 23 AM (Jun. 24 AM), 1514 CE – 1519 CE
Klock 12:08 PM
Atlas 1° N Lat, 155.5° W Long
AQAL The Unified Zones of Unitive Types at the Collective Subjective Quadrant of the 5th-P.P.
§5.5.9 The Majestic at the Seat of Motion at the Throne of Communion at the Letter of Constructing


No. 369. 𝌯⚌ iqeɪ, əxaɪ, ku’eɪ, kæ’aɪ, km                                                                Ternary No. 111200

Platform: Object:
Example Kæpɪtəl: Capital
Kalendar White Horse 23 PM (Jun. 24 PM), 1519 CE – 1523 CE
Klock 12:10 PM
Atlas 1.25° N Lat, 155° W Long
AQAL The Outside Zones of Agentic Types at the Collective Coalescing Quadrants of the 5th-P.P.
§5.6.1 The Yang Master at the Seat of Actualization at the Throne of Adjusting at the Letter of Constructing


Additional Notes

Compare to Sabian Symbol for 2-3 degrees of Cancer: “A Man Bundled In Fur Leads A Shaggy Deer.”

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