The Kalendar Symbol

Flour-covered children baking cookies in the kitchen.


It’s all about who’s where in the food chain. Big fish eat little fish. Wolves feed on elk, preventing a population explosion that could disrupt the ecosystem. Humans eat at the end of a long and opaque food chain that could be squeezed at any one of many vulnerable points. By analogy, many human relationships function according to a chain of roles defined by degrees of power. In the family, it is common for parents to have the most power followed by children ranked according to age. The youngest children often see their lives ruled by forces outside of their ability to command.

The Lingua-U Correspondences

No. 354. 𝌭⚍ igɛ, əʃaɪ, kaɪ’ɛ, kɪ’aɪ, kf                                                                     Ternary No. 111010

Platform: Object:
Example Kɪzmɛt: Fate, The Will Of God
Kalendar White Horse 16 AM (Jun. 17 AM), 1457 CE – 1461 CE
Klock 11:40 AM
Atlas 2.5° S Lat, 162.5° W Long
AQAL The Inside Zone of Agentic Types at the Collective Objective Quadrant of the 5th-P.P.
§5.4.4 The Yang Master at the Seat of Interiority at the Throne of Cooking at the Letter of Constructing


No. 355. 𝌭⚏ igə, əʃi, kaɪ’ə, kɪ’i, kθ                                                                        Ternary No. 111011

Platform: Object:
Example Kɪčɪn: Kitchen
Kalendar White Horse 16 PM (Jun. 17 PM), 1461 CE – 1465 CE
Klock 11:42 AM
Atlas 2.25° S Lat, 162° W Long
AQAL The Inside Zone of Communal Types at the Collective Objective Quadrant of the 5th-P.P.
§5.4.5 The Yin Master at the Seat of Interiority at the Throne of Cooking at the Letter of Constructing


Additional Notes

Compare to Sabian Symbol for 25-26 degrees of Gemini: “Frost-Covered Trees Against Winter Skies”

Compare No. 354 to I Ching No. 36:

36. Ming I / Darkening of the light

Here the sun has sunk under the earth and is therefore darkened. The name 
of the hexagram means literally "wounding of the bright"; hence the 
individual lines contain frequent references to wounding. The situation is 
the exact opposite of that in the foregoing hexagram. In the latter a wise man 
at the head of affairs has able helpers, and in company with them makes 
progress; here a man of dark nature is in a position of authority and brings 
harm to the wise and able man.

Compare No. 355 to I Ching No. 15:

	15. Ch'ien / Modesty


This hexagram is made up of the trigrams Kên, Keeping Still, mountain, and 
K'un. The mountain is the youngest son of the Creative, the representative 
of heaven and earth. It dispenses the blessings of heaven, the clouds and rain 
that gather round its summit, and thereafter shines forth radiant with 
heavenly light. This shows what modesty is and how it functions in great 
and strong men. K'un, the earth, stands above. Lowliness is a quality of the 
earth: this is the very reason why it appears in this hexagram as exalted, by 
being placed above the mountain. This shows how modesty functions in 
lowly, simple people: they are lifted up by it.

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