The Kalendar Symbol

A guard and his dog stand sentry over a frozen lake as children skate.


The Guru was the disciple’s idea of an ideal teacher. They were Self-realized and possessed a keen intellect. They were also self-disciplined and recognized the importance of depth psychological work for incorporating split off parts of the personality into a more cohesive whole. They were an excellent teacher who could take a large group through a spiritual exercise step-by-step or provide individualized instruction tailored for a person’s unique needs. They loved and protected their disciples and their disciples loved them and accepted their lineage transmission. The Assignment given to the disciples: receiving the Capability for surpassing the need for a Guru.

The Lingua-U Correspondences

No. 350. 𝌬𝌅 iʒaa, əzu, gu’aa, gaa’u, gy                                                                 Ternary No. 110222

Platform: Object:
Example Gaardɪən: Guardian
Kalendar White Horse 14 AM (Jun. 15 AM), 1440 CE – 1444 CE
Klock 11:32 AM
Atlas 3.5° S Lat, 164.5° W Long
AQAL The Unified Zones of Unitive Types at the Individual Coalescing Quadrants of the 5th-P.P.
§5.3.9 The Majestic at the Seat of Consciousness at the Throne of Gunas at the Letter of Integration


No. 351. 𝌭⚌ igeɪ, əsaɪ, kaɪ’eɪ, keɪ’aɪ, kb                                                                Ternary No. 111000

Platform: Object:
Example Keɪpəbɪlɪti: Capability
Kalendar White Horse 14 PM (Jun. 15 PM), 1444 CE – 1449 CE
Klock 11:34 AM
Atlas 3.25° S Lat, 164° W Long
AQAL The Outside Zone of Agentic Types at the Collective Objective Quadrant of the 5th-P.P.
§5.4.1 The Yang Master at the Seat of Basis at the Throne of Cooking at the Letter of Constructing


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