Note: Whole Writes are written in a stream of consciousness based on a topic selected through divination. They are only slightly edited for publication.

Remember when everyone used to talk about the forthcoming revolution, the New Paradigm, the 100th monkey, or the arrival of a New Age. It was the dawn of a Utopian dream, the arrival of a world of interconnected, happy little anarchies where every man, woman, and child got to do whatever they wanted, no one would tell them what to do, and the world would bend to their will without breaking.

The longing for Utopia was a desire for heaven brought down to Earth, the angels substituted by voluntary societies organized according to the governance principle of choice and God replaced by a regenerative and nurturing Gaia and a benevolent community of fellows.

Nowadays I am besieged by news and commentary of a much more pessimistic bent. The thrust of it is that humankind’s inherent selfishness, egoism, or greed have brought down judgment against our race in the form of climate apocalypse, a sort of death-by-a-thousand-cuts annihilation.

Because you are probably aware of such perspectives, there is no need to detail them except to point out that the most optimistic predictions have the world meeting extremely ambitious targets for curbing carbon pollution, leading to severe but survivable catastrophe; the most pessimistic predictions have the world losing habitability entirely in due course, ceasing to support life.

This is the landscape of “when” in our time – or at least the “when” in my mind – a sort of mourning over potential for Utopia seeming to slip out of our grasp and a strong desire to avoid the most pessimistic scenarios at least while optimizing life for future generations. When I think of “when”, I open the landscape of time in my unconscious. The range of possibilities from heaven-on-Earth to hell-on-Earth arrange themselves into a panorama.

“When” is an odd word, pointing as it does to both “at” and “on which”. Today is when I write this. This is what I feel this means, to my way of sense-making: today is the actualization-tendency for time; and today is the nondual interiority of actualized suchness. Time gives us the actual when. God – in God’s nondual or trinitarian face – gives us the feeling of the actual when. It is at least this much, and more than I could have expressed, and much much more than anyone can currently express, on account of the poverty of discourse.

We are living in interesting times, somewhere between heaven-on-Earth and hell-on-Earth as possibilities in our future. They are also actualities in our present, in a manner of speaking, but I do not feel compelled to talk about that. To feel either possibility deeply might be a distraction away from what is most important in our present days: not to bask in enlightenment or wallow in degredation, but to live in the right “when”.

Forget about the “now” if you want to avoid the downward-drifting road. Find the right “when” instead. The right “when” is to align one’s self with time’s arrow as the hard straightness of the arrow and the softness of the feathers, pointed to the right target: survivability, sustainability, thrivability, desirability, and Utopia, heaven-on-Earth for everyone (humans and all living creatures alike). Let this “when” emerge when you order a cup of coffee (how long are you willing to wait for it?), when you start an entrepreneurial venture (what will you make or do?), or when you select your life partner (will then help you to go there then?) If your life is to have meaning, such meaning happens “when” and “now”, so do not ignore time’s inner landscape.

Knowing “when” is knowing how time presents itself to us, and how we offer ourselves to time.

WHOLE WRITE – October 6, 2019

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