What is the #1 Google Images result for “subtle”?


It’s an image coming from a WikiHow article on how to use the words Subtle, Subtly and Subtlety correctly. Of course, that piece won’t teach you how the word is used in “Integral speak” or the broader language of mystical spirituality, which use the term to refer to the realm of imagination, mentality, and concepts.

In The Kalendar, the word “subtle” is one of the words connected to 𝌢⚍, the vowel E and the letter S, the Lingua-U symbol representing the Yang Master at the Seat of Concern at the Throne of Success. In this spot, it reflects the emergence of the Subtle realm into a state of virtual self-awareness — subtlety aware of subtleties — emerging at the 4th-person perspective of consciousness or subtle states of consciousness that can happen at any station of life.

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