What is the #1 Google Images result for “exciting”?


It’s this image from WikiHow’s article, “How to Be Exciting”. A clip:

Making Your Life Exciting

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    Always be doing something. Spending a bunch of time sitting around on your couch is the fastest way to be super boring. By constantly getting out there and doing something, anything, you’ll be making yourself much more interesting. It gives you something to talk about in conversations with other people and makes it look like you at least have some kind of life, even if it isn’t the most exciting life ever.
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    Travel everywhere. Traveling is an easy way to make yourself and your life more exciting. Aside from the incredibly rewarding experiences you will have while doing this, it will also make you more confident and help teach you to cope with challenges in your life. You can travel locally or internationally, and traveling doesn’t have to be as expensive as it seems. You can do it!
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    Be an adventurer. Do adventurous things. Go hiking. Learn to rock climb. Try scuba diving. Maybe jump out of some planes. This is the fastest way to take your life from boring to action hero. They’re also not that hard to do: all you need is some education, determination, and a certain dose of bravery.

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