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Why Have An Ego Death, What Is The Point Of Not Being Yourself?

Ego death is the process of losing oneself to find oneself.

The Ego death dismantles everything that is trivial and unimportant in life. Experiencing reality outside of the filter of being human puts things into perspective from a unique vantage point.

Ego death is the experience of a state of being that is free of the attachments used to form the personal identity filters that interpret your day to day experiences. The experience of Ego loss gives you a glimpse at how significant and/or insignificant these attachments are and how they can affect your life. The actual experience sometimes can be terrifying, but retrospective examination of it can increase your understanding of who you are and what you value in this existence.

Depending on your mental fortitude, not everyone can positively benefit from an ego-loss experience. It can be very intense and potentially too difficult for some people to handle with any degree of comfort. Psychedelic Ego-loss can be liberating as long as you don’t get carried away and lose your ability to pull it together after the Trip.

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