Welcome to Non-Dual Revelations!

The old blogs have been archived and can no longer be found on this site. Does anyone really need an explanation?

I have found myself reinvented, and have begun to clear the way for a new beginning. That will suffice, I think. Everything that was here is still around if you do the extra click.

By “reinvented”, I am referring to a perceptual shift in my understanding of my structure of consciousness, worldview, and the place I fit in the Scheme of Things. Not since I first encountered Integral Theory in 2004 or first started studying postmodern philosophy in 1988 have I found myself confronting such an upheaval in my mental maps.

This change is not a destabilizing change, I don’t think, but one that puts me into a place of grounded awareness. Not surprisingly, it has come about immanently from the serious study of Lingua-U, as the meta-language’s inventor and first native speaker.

I find myself today with greater understanding and clarity about problems in spiritual theory that have bugged me, particularly concerning the nature of subtle, causal, and nondual stations and states of consciousness, technical issues in what we integral theorists like to call the third-tier.

What I have begun to understand is that Lingua-U has provided enormous clarity and insight directly into the nature of existence that I did not think was possible. It is a language of magic and revelation … but the real meaning of these words is lost these days because few people believe in divine revelation and even fewer believe magic is possible. Lingua-U gave me a new way of believing in both revelation and magic, and in time I will be able to teach others how to see the world more like I do.

And how do I see the world? Join me on this new blog, Non-Dual Revelations, as I relay my experiences in life on a regular basis.  In the coming years I will be bringing forth the Lingua-U technology and together we can explore its significance for reshaping the future of the world’s civilization.

I believe Lingua-U has the ability to usher in a new era in consciousness which will transform our perceptions of first-tier, second-tier, and even the third-tier. In other words, it’s a BFD, and I need to get ready to rock and roll. There’s a new world on the horizon awaiting birth, and today I step into it committed to doing he next right thing. That will have to do until it’s time to do the wrong thing.

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