Violet Heart 19 AM

Oct. 19 AM | 7:52 PM | 2477 CE

The Symbol:

Hierophants Catch a Glimpse of Heaven

The Verse:

A dimming age heaps burdens on every soul,
While a few hierophants glimpse a borderless realm.
They lack the ability to bring Heaven down.

Station: §8.4.9 (The Seat of Goodness at the Throne of Hierarchy)
Lingua-U: ugaa, aʊʒu, haɪ’aa, hʊ’u, hz
The Atlas: 59.5° N Lat, 38.5° W Long
Nonagon: Type 8: The Hero
AQAL: The Unified (Int. / Ext.) Zones of Balanced Types at the Collective Objective Quadrant of the Ultraviolet Altitude

Violet Heart 19 PM

Oct. 19 PM | 7:54 PM | 2481 CE

The Symbol:

Bread Rises and Then Is Put Into an Oven

The Verse:

The hiding place of Spirit opens with meditation’s key.
It is like a kitchen-stove with eternal food for consumption,
Bread leavened through a hidden influence.

Station: §8.5.1 (The Seat of Structure at the Throne of Healing)
Lingua-U: ukeɪ, aʊgaɪ, hi’eɪ, hɛ’aɪ, hs
The Atlas: 59.75° N Lat, 38° W Long
Nonagon: Type 8: The Hero
AQAL: The Exterior Zone of Agentic Types at the Collective Subjective Quadrant of the Ultraviolet Altitude

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