Oct. 1 | 6:40 PM | 2329 CE

§7.9.9: Violet Heart 1 AM: 𝍄𝌅

She fixes her gaze through the window
On a child of eight blowing bubbles of soap.
Watching two rise as her palms turn to upward hope.

Model: Referent:
Lingua-U uzaa, æyu, ŋu’aa, ŋaa’u, ŋy
The Atlas 50.5° N Lat, 56.5° W Long (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)
Nonagon Type 7w8: The Alchemist
AQAL The Unified (Int. / Ext.) Zones of Balanced Types at the Integrated (Obj. + Subj.) Coalescing (Indiv. + Coll.) Quadrants of the Violet Altitude


§8.1.1: Violet Heart 1 PM: 𝍅⚌

Whispers and murmurs where they reside,
Cottage-dwellers wade in intrigue, but they do not know the truth.
They go outside seeking. Who goes inside?

Model: Referent:
Lingua-U useɪ, aʊbaɪ, waɪ’eɪ, weɪ’aɪ, wb
The Atlas 50.75° N Lat, 56° W Long
Nonagon Type 8w7: The Watcher
AQAL The Exterior Zone of Agentic Types at the Individual Objective Quadrant of the Ultraviolet Altitude

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