When spirituality is based on an “Integral” spirit, it opens the door wide for expanding human potential for rich inner development, cultural progress, artistic creativity, and spiritual renewal. In fact, you might have an “Integral” spiritual sensibility or tendency without even knowing it. Here are the Top 10 signs to look for that will tell you if your worldview might already be on the way to becoming “Integral”:

9You have come to a compassionate stance with regard to religious fundamentalists and traditionalist zealots because you recognize that their own stage of evolution may be less than your own.

You know that everyone has a part of the truth. You know that many of the worst problems in the world are caused by people who think they have the full truth when they only have a part. You believe sacred texts such as the Bible are a source of wisdom, even if they contain many teachings which aren’t useful today. You pick your battles for justice carefully and strategically, not by reacting out of anger or fear.

Belief in spiritual evolution means you run the risk of looking like an elitist to others, but you have to just shrug it off. You don’t pick your beliefs because they are convenient or fit in with the expectations of your social group, but because they seem to best represent the True, Good, and Beautiful. Because fundamentalists and ideological conservatives are trying their best to do the same, you can identify with a part of their own station of life.

Fundamentalists have myths that they take as literal, absolute truths, and you know that this is a path that you’ve outgrown. At the same time, you’ve noticed that hardcore atheists also have a fundamentalist orientation of their own! Wherever you look, whether it’s in New Age spirituality books or the coffee social of your twelve-step social or the biased headlines on Huffington Post or The Drudge Report you see people spout beliefs about reality naively as if they were merely “a given”. But you realize that reality is constructed of many complex, interlocking systems and paradigms without which we cannot see things clearly.