To a reader in social media: You think my essay was difficult to read…


To a reader in social media: You think my essay on “Second Tier” was difficult to read in English. Just be glad I didn’t write it in subtle energy marks (like 𝌮𝌯 instead of the word “Occult”). But if I had, and if you were observant, you might have “gotten” the parts that were difficult for your mind to get. It’s not possible to write about the subtle energy of language and then write as if there were away to avoid subtle energy dynamics in the words. It can’t be done.

You’re not avoiding the subtle energetic implications of your speech when you write “clearly and objectively”. You just don’t notice what you’re not doing. Verbiage written “clearly and objectively” has its uses, but it only obtains its precision by hiding out from the disruptive, disturbing subtleties of reality that get in the way. By attending to those realities and letting them present themselves fully to you instead of containing or quarantining them, you lose clarity to others for a while, but you gain clarity to yourself and to a more exclusive set of others who are waiting to see you step into after-clarity and extra-objectivity.

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