There’s a guy I know from Facebook. Good guy, from what I can tell…


There’s a guy I know from Facebook. Good guy, from what I can tell. Somewhat involved in the Integral groups and projects. I’ll call him Jonas (not his real name). Jonas is up to something new and I’ve been wondering if I should get involved (the project has a political undertone to it). After all, Jonas has something of a different view of what the Integral movement should be about than I do, and sometimes we work at cross-purposes. For one thing, he’s very comfortable with a politics that creates division, luxuriates in protest voting and virtue signalling and political revolutions that are stacked only three memes deep, and he doesn’t seem to care or notice that his is a self-defeating posture, almost ensuring that the values he most cares about actually get less traction in the world.

It seems like more of Green politics than Teal or Turquoise, if you ask me, though I really don’t know him well enough to form more than a rough impression. Sometimes Integral people strategically take on Green projects or assume leadership in Green organizations in order to be effectual in the world and steer things in a positive direction. Therefore, just because someone looks like they’re doing “Green work” doesn’t mean anything. It’s how they are doing it, not the surface appearance that counts. With Jonas though, I think he’s pretty settled into a Green outlook, and strategically he seems to be doing the Green-in-Teal’s clothing move (a form of “pseudo-integralism” we might call it) of marginalizing Teal and Turquoise and re-framing Green values and ideas as “truly integral”, at least in certain respects. There are other things he’s involved with, outside of politics, where he seems more in tune with the qualities I associate more closely with good integralism.

I think of him and I think of the phrase: progressives sure know how to eat their own. But what do I know? I could be wrong about him. Anyways, what he does or doesn’t practice in his politics isn’t my concern. It irks me a bit that he calls it an integral politics and he tries to convince people that people who think differently are some sort of fuddy duddies, but yes, really I just have to let that go. Ultimately, what he says won’t make nearly as much difference as what I do in terms of my own political practice. If I am clear and effective politically as I know how, then others will notice and they will be attracted to the integrity of my own concept and praxis of integral politics. Not sure if I really want to get mixed up in a project, however otherwise in alignment with my integral worldview, when it seems tied to a wider agenda about which I am ambivalent.

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