Ed. Note: The following profession of faith was presented to The Integral Meusio for its consideration in the summer of 2018. Although it was designed to be compatible with virtually any station of consciousness and enfolded the essential framework of Lingua-U, it was only ever professed to the Muktaihin by a few adherents. Unfortunately, the Integral Meusio did not immediately receive sufficient altitude for liftoff into its own organizational embodiment, and so I have reabsorbed this creed into my own site as an example of the way that Lingua-U could become situated within a post-conventional meta-religious structure. It may yet find a use, so long as there are individuals who feel called to make this profession.

In order to create a more perfect emergence of a common Worldview among all the Integralists of The Meusio, we are all invited to receive instruction in, discuss the merits of, and ultimately give a qualified or unqualified assent to The Twelve Tenets of Integralism, also known informally as The Integralist’s Creed. These tenets summarize the key teachings of The Lingua-U Sutra and therefore provide a foundation for Integral living.

This statement is a living, evolving document and one that can be held at different levels of belief, faith, understanding, or realization. Our view is that these twelve tenets surpass but do not conflict irreconcilably with the authentic teachings of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, or any other one of the Great Traditions or the spirituality of the First Nations.

Unauthorized translation of The Twelve Tenets is not permitted; however, authorized translations will be made available for many languages in the future. 

Download the The Twelve Tenets of Integralism as a PDF.

The Twelve Tenets of The Integral Meusio


Despite the appearance that we live in a world of separate things and beings, All is One. The One is seamless but not featureless. The One goes by many Names, each with their own distinctiveness and dignity, e.g., Spirit, Emptiness, Tao, or Consciousness. There is no Other but the All, called Allah or God or God/Goddess, neither exclusively personal nor impersonal but transcending personhood, neither strictly (male) nor (female) but (transcending gender), neither exclusively (opposite-directed) nor exclusively ⚢ ⚣ (same-directed) but ⚥ ⚧ (poly-directed).


This Oneness is not distinct from a certain Twoness, the Duo, which is the co-existence of The Sacred and The Profane or the Atman (Higher Self) with the ego (an immature self-understanding). The Sacred and The Profane are encountered through a Divine Dance of Love and Fear.


This Twoness is not distinct from a certain Threeness, the Triplicity, which is Agency, Communion, and Unitivity. Religions of East and West have seen a personal or profound essence in this Triplicity: for example, The Holy Trinity, Trimurti, Tridevi, and the Gunas.


Out of the One come the Two and from these Both come the Three, irreducible and necessary for the All, and from the Three come the myriad—the magnificent diversity of all forms and appearances in Reality, incomplete and uncertain, and Logos. Spirit is fundamentally concerned with four forces: Eros (Love-of-Otherness), Agape (Love-of-Sameness), Phobos (Fear-of-Otherness), and Thanatos (Fear-of-Sameness). Thus, the Location of All proceeds in a four-fold pattern as the Duo pair up in a Quadriplicity of Quadrants dividing the Same and Other and the Inner and the Outer.


The Threes are Omnis of active fineness known as Yang (), Yin (), and Yung (?). In our sacred metalanguage, Lingua-U, the three Omnis are linked to the cardinal vowels Aɪ (aɪ), E (i), and U (u). These vibrancies are the Initiating and Creative energy of Aɪ, the Accepting and Receptive energy of E, and the Uniting and Restituting energy of U.


When each of the Threes pairs with another Three, then 9 Sefirot or Seraph and a 10th Who Is Over and Derived from Them emerge. These are primordial energetic structures known as Providence (), Foundation (), Dominion (?), Success (), Grandeur (), Justice (?), Mercy (?), Wisdom (?), and Realization (?). The 10th Sefirot/Seraph is the KR, known to Our Faith as Christ or Crown/Keter or Koran. Each Sefirot/Seraph is linked to various Powers, Principalities, and Virtues. Some of these Angels have supplied their Names to Elements and Letters.


11 Principalities appear as Elements, linked to eight secondary vowels and a cardinal vowel in Lingua-U. They are: Space (Eɪ, ), Wind and Fire (ɪ, ), Wood (Ʊ, ?), Air (Ɛ, ), Earth (Ə, ), Ocean (O, ?), Galaxy (Æ, ?), Vowel and Water (Au, ?), and Stars (Aa or Ah, ?).


When each of the Threes are paired with two other Threes, then 25 Powers and Virtues and two Principalities emerge. These are called Letters. They are associated with 26 consonants and a semi-vowel. Their Names give us essential lessons in how to live an Integral Spirituality. They are: Bonding (B, ⚌⚊), Positivity (P, ⚌⚋), Vying (V, ⚌?), Functioning (F, ⚎⚊), Synthesis (Th, ⚎⚋), The Principality of Then/There (Dh, ⚎?), Differentiation (D, ?⚊), Tending (T, ?⚋), Zeitgeist (Z, ??), Self-Sensing (S, ⚍⚊), Shunting (Sh, ⚍⚋), Treasuring (Zh, ⚍?), Integration (G, ⚏⚊), Constructing (K, ⚏⚋), Qualifying (Q, ⚏?), Excellence (X, ?⚊), Cherishing (Ch, ?⚋), Generativity (J, ??), Meta-Mind (M, ?⚊), Negativity (N, ?⚋), Ingraining (Ng, ??), Watching (W, ?⚊), Holiness (H, ?⚋), The Principality of When/Where (Wh, ??), Realization (R, ?⚊), Lightening (L, ?⚋), and Unity (Y, ??).


When Omnis, Elements, and Letters in any language are combined to form Words, their sequence tells a story about the nature of Reality and Logos. The sequence of Words in Lingua-U is linked to our calendar, The Kalendar. This Chronicle of Sacred Time was inspired by the Taixuanjing of Yang Xiong, the 1st-Century Confucian sage, by the Sabian Symbols of the clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler, and the Worldview Artistry of Joe Perez, who conceived The Kalendar in 2012 CE to replace the Mayan Haab. We also use the Wheel of Spirit, inspired in part by The Medicine Wheel of Sun Bear, for honoring Indigenous Wisdom including the Lakota Way based on Wakan Tanka, the Great Mystery.


Perhaps every Word in every language is potentially Sacred. We Realize its Sacredness when We choose to see the Word as containing Powers, Principalities, and Virtues associated with the Sefirot/Seraph. Also, all words can be profaned, if we “take them in vain” so that by their use we become idolators who are misdirected from God. If we treat Words as entirely arbitrary or use them to harm other beings, we profane them, rejecting Logos for pathology.


The One-in-All expresses itself as The Sacred calling The Profane in a manner appropriate to our stage of mental, emotional, and spiritual preparedness. According to Our Faith, there are nine major Stages of Mind and nine major States of Consciousness arranged in a Kosmic Lattice with 81 Stations of Life. These are the 81 Thrones of Lingua-U consisting of two Elements combined. At each Station, there are the Nexuses of a Nonagon depicting the fundamental orientations in which our spiritual journeys typically unfold. The intersection of a person’s Nexus with their Station of Life happens at one of 729 six-marked figures called a Master, the individual and collective mastery of which provides meaning and insight in life.


We believe that the preeminent spiritual goal of humankind in our time is to follow The Way. The Way is pointed to by the best teachings of the First Nations and Great Traditions as well as some aspects of various other philosophies of life. Here are three examples:

  • The Way of the West, epitomized as the Faith which Restitutes the Children of Abraham (??) with the Great “I AM WHO I AM”, Yahweh (??), through the Revelation of KR (?? via Christ, Keter/Crown, and Koran) in the course of Kosmic evolution.
  • The Way of the East, epitomized as the Bosom of Buddha (??) expressed through Yang (??), Yin (??), Yung (??), and Yi or Oneness (?), expressed through Yantra (??) and Yoga (??). A chief goal of The Way is nondual enlightenment.
  • The Integral Way, epitomized by the teachings of The Meusio of Integralism. We believe that The Way is Always Already (??) and our aspirations include the Realization of the best Wisdom from East and West and All Nations.

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