Surveying the Integral community on Facebook


In the past few years there has been an eruption among “Integral” groups on Facebook. Dozens of new groups formed. An old group, Global, went through a tumultuous period. Other groups have come and gone or remained inactive. How many do you belong to? How well are these Integral groups meeting your needs overall? Do you think time is well spent reading? What draws you to participate? Why don’t you participate more? If you’ve left a group, what made you leave? What do you wish the Facebook Integral experience was like instead?

Please respond, if you’re moved, in the thread at Integral Agape (if you’re a member) or in the comments below. I’m asking, as you may imagine, because I foresee some changes afoot for my involvement in Facebook groups in the future and would like to take get a sense of where the community is at. As well, I’m sure other moderators and administrators of various groups might be interested in what your thoughts are.

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