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The first writings in the publication tentatively entitled Brave New Words appeared in September 2016. Readers are recommended to approach them sequentially, as later entries will build on earlier journal entries. Familiarity with the author’s earlier works, especially Soulfully Gay, is recommended.

Chapter 1. Logos In Hiding

Let Me Reintroduce Myself.

Where Does the Integral Magick Project Stand?

On How I Write (Embodied Spiritual Communication)

Getting “Present” Through Writing The Shadow Alive

Finding Religion 2016, or: “Breaking Up With God Is Hard To Do: Revisited”

More on God’s Gayness, Part 1

The Wily Magician’s Best Secrets Revealed, Part 1

Kosmology and the Rise of the Worldview Artist

The Wily Magician’s Best Secrets Revealed, Part 2

Soulfully Gay (Movie Screenplay), Scene 1

To Be Continued …