Should I “awaken to reality” rather than “dissect the language” about it?


A reader writes:

Joe – I’d be way more impressed to see you genuinely awaken to the Reality the great traditions are pointing to and live that with fire and vulnerability and heart and reckless passion, than I am by intellectual dissections of the language about it. Love.

I respond:

Ah, spiritual bypassing the subtle realm at a time when suffering is ingrained in the quagmires created by language that threaten the very survivability of the planet and souls in all worlds … quagmires that could, I hope, be dispelled with good teaching. It’s tempting, but I’ll pass. Love, Joe

Remember, Reality isn’t something that is merely “pointed to” by language. Language — and all symbols — are constitutive of manifold dimensions of that Reality. There is no liberation without liberation out of and through language. To get there, we need to enter into the mysteries only known to the “within” of language, where Christ — known as Word or Logos — is Creator/Creation and Crucified on a Cross.

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