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Sebastian Siegel:

“If your spirituality would have you celebrate the brave but not the broken, relate to the leader but not the lost, seek to understand the sun but not the dark, or serve him with abundance but not him without – if your spirituality has compassion for the saint but not the sinner, or if it would be satisfied only by a reality you desire without the openness and awe for the majesty of creativity and possibility that exists beyond your small self – then your spirituality is not wisdom at all, but only the fixation of a weak ego devoted to avatars that would compliment all that you are not. Compassion greets all sentience and surfaces the same. Transcendence is brought by a vehicle that destroys any sureness we cling to. Liberation and grace are demonstrated by the courage of love, not the safety in it. Let go to hold on.” ~ An excerpt from my book, “The Consciousness Revolution”, available in German from Giger/Verlag publishing, and on Amazon at link in bio above. English coming later this year #TatTvamAsi #crushpathology #authenticspirituality #SebastianSiegel

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