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This is a snapshot into my daily being. Last night I went to BJ’s Brewhouse to see @gregghein at work. When I visit, I sit by myself and happily observe everyone around me. I watch their mannerisms and body language. I watch their interactions with their party. I watch them watch others. When they notice me, I look them clear in the eyes and smile so that my eyes are a perfect reflection of the love I hold for them. Most of the time they get uncomfortable and hurriedly turn away, as if they’ve inadvertently shared too much of themselves with me. I giggle. I converse with each being in the dimly lit yet vivacious space. I see their light and the way their energy interacts with eachother. Some people look happy, yet their aura is drawn-in and dim. Some people are quiet while the “edge” of their field searches for interactions with others around them. They send out “feelers” as a way of testing the waters. When people laugh, great sparks burst from their immediate center. Their energy melds into the others to create a magnificent and perfect mixture of color and light. I sat in awe at how beautiful we humans are. There are so many variations. From our stature to our skin color and our clothes to our eyes, each one of us is stunningly gorgeous. I happily shed a few tears as I was bathed in this hodgepodge sea of infinite beauty. Every person I saw, and I mean TRULY saw, I thanked them for being a part of this strange and lovely experience. For over 2 hours I spoke to every individual in the restaurant. Words are a more cursory means of communication. I engaged with the soul level. Despite people’s ailments (walking with a limp, coughing, timid and withdrawn posture, tears, wheelchairs, blindness, anger etc) I saw each person in perfect health. I saw everyone fully healed and as a beaming source of pure and vibrant energy. Even as I observed their traumas, in the form of a heavy shadowy blackness around their heart, they were perfect in my eyes. We are exponentially more than these bodies we get to live in harmony with. We are the sum of all creation. Every moment of bliss, anger, peace, frustration, awe and sadness mold our reality. (Continued in comments 👇👇👇)

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