Remember, many hands make light work


For just this one post, let me take on the momentously arrogant posture of speaking on behalf of the entire Integral Spirituality community. If you consider yourself an integralist, an evolutionary, a practitioner of Integralism, an integral enthusiast, a Ken Wilber fan boy, a Spiral Dynamics nut, a Jean Gebser freak, a JB Peterson guy, or whatever the case may be, WE NEED YOU.

WE NEED YOU to get a grip on your own psyche and mind and know its shadows well enough to get through the day and play nicely with others without being too much of a menace. More than anything, we need you to find yourself as a mirror of Atman, Universal Self, Unique Self, Authentic Self, Higher Self, servant of your Higher Power, or whatever you call it. Get there. Don’t wait another minute. You can do it right now using the wisdom you already possess. And then, identify your Unique Gift, your Pearl of Great Price, your World Teacher mission, or whatever it may be. Don’t worry if you can’t put it into words or rational thoughts just yet, that may or may not be attainable at the moment. But know that WE NEED YOU because you have something to offer.

And then get busy. Put your Unique Gift into practice wherever it leads you. Starting a little bit right now, and then keep going. Don’t stop. And once you’re there, notice where it intersects with the rest of the Integral Spirituality community’s work and help us to get our shit together. WE NEED YOU. We need psychotherapists and coaches, artists and novelists, bloggers and pundits, executives and ascetics, physical therapists and physicians, meditation teachers and philosophers, psychics and scientists, entrepreneurs and social workers, people sitting in bar stools and church pews. Put your Integral visions into practice, build a local community, network with other evolutionaries and integralists.

And volunteer! Find someone doing cool work in the world in an evolutionary fashion and ask them if they could use some help. Buy them coffee. Maybe they could use someone 5 hours a week to make their life easier? Find out, and don’t wait for them to ask you. Ask them yourself. They are probably overworked and underpaid and so if you volunteer with them, you will be too. It’s just the moment we’re in. Get busy and tell us what you’re doing and how it’s going. Remember, this is a community if you want it to be, and you’re already a big part of it whether you know it or not.

One last time: WE NEED YOU. Now, I’m no longer speaking on behalf of the Integral community. I’m back. You’re welcome.

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