On the intersection of Integral vision and Star Trek


If you want to know what the Integral worldview is all about, you could do worse than immersing yourself in the Star Trek universe. Probably many postmodernists will find themselves put off by its goody-two-shoes idealism and more attracted to dark, gritty tales of an apocalyptic future. But the Gene Roddenberry-inspired mythic worldview offers an alternative future based on the notion that human beings will evolve to be more scientific, tolerant, curious, and more peace-loving than war-like. Amusingly, the integralist Corey deVos calls it “competence porn”, and that’s not intended as an insult.

After decades of dystopian blockbusters flooding our collective imagination, Star Trek offers some much-needed reprieve from our current apocalypse-obsessed entertainment culture. We’ve been buffeted by vision after nightmarish vision of our inevitable societal collapse, often brought back from the brink at the very last minute by one of our many modern superhero gods — unachievable projections of our most idealized selves.

But there are no superhero saviors in Star Trek, only ordinary human beings (and Kelpians, and Bajorans, and…) who only have their own skills, ethics, ingenuity, and teamwork to save the day. Star Trek is, if anything, something like “competence porn”.

Read the full article and a recent dialogue: “Star Fleet Values Are Integral Values”.

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