On a methodological pluralism of sacred geometries


Looks like Sean Hargens has been keeping busy developing a vision of Integral 2.0 (though he’s just sending out private notes at this time, hasn’t published his work). I don’t know where he’s going with it, but the part that most intrigues me is the link between sacred geometry and perspectives. Quadrants are so useful because of the utility of 4, numerologically. Being able to work with “four sides of things” is incredibly important to doing any sort of analysis at the complexity of postmodernism or post-postmodernism, so it’s a natural number for us to latch on to. Incidentally, my own Lingua-U and Kalendar artwork constructs work as they do is because of the remarkable properties of the number 3 and the number 9. Each number has its own dignity, and if Integral moves closer to acknowledging that premise, I will be happy. Ken Wilber himself never proclaimed that quadrants are the ONLY diagram that is useful, of course.

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